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Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 7 Letter

Hey everyone! How you all of you doing! Well, to catch to you all up, something pretty major happened this week. I received my VISA on wed, and so I will be leaving to São Poulo this coming Tuesday! I think that I will be in the CTM (MTC) there for a week or so, and then I will be flying out to the field, Cuiabá. Eu estou muito animado! I was asked to give you my flight plans. I am taking American Airlines, and I am taking off at 12:46 and traveling to Dallas Texas, and I will be arriving there at 4:26 pm. I am then waiting there until 7:50pm, and I am taking off to Brazil, adn I should be arriving there at 7:40 am. Talk about a long flight. I think that my baggage and everything should be great, no problems at all, do not worry. Everything is fine mom. Also, because I received my VISA, they are allowing my to call home for a 5 min phone call, so I will be doing that this Monday, at approximately 7:00 pm my time. Let my know mom in a dear elder asap if that will work for you. I also think that I am allowed to call you during my lay over in Dallas with a payphone as long as I am not late for my flight, although I am going to check on that later. I cannot wait to get to the airport where not everybody is a missionary, so I will be handing out BOMs and pass along cards. I cannot wait to talk to people about the gospel. Yeah, I will check up on the calling home from the layover spot, but from what the lady in the travel office said, it is allowed. I will let you know when I call Mon. I am so excited! I went to the temple today, and had a wonderful experience doing sealings. This will most likely be the last time that I attend to temple for about 2 years, because they do not have one in Cuiabá. It was amazing. Ao Familias são para sempre. I know that this is true, and am so thankful that we can do missionary work, the same work that I am going to be doing, can be done for people on the other side. Well, my Portugues is improving as always. I feel comfortable teaching all of the lessons and gospel principles. I also feel comfortable talking with people about life, asking them questions, and for the most part listening to them. Understanding is the hardest part for me, although it is improving tremendously. I think that getting down to Brazil will help a lot, hearing the language being spoken all of the time. I have met a few missionaries going to Spokane WA. Anytime I see a martial island missionary, I talk to him, because all of them are going to Spokane, so when they get there, ask them if they know Elder Lee. Also, I have met a few others, one of whom is going to the Spokane mission Spanish speaking. I am able to talk with him. I can understand his Spanish really well. Spanish seems much easier to understand because it is now so slurred, but much more clear. Conference was great. They are all such great teachers. I have listened to a few of their talks in Portugues, and I was amazed by how much I understood. O dom de linguás é verdadeiro e real. Átreves o Espirito Santo, Eu posso aprender Portugues. In has been awesome seeing other missionaries that I have known going in and out of the field. Sebring, Jordan, Robbie, Merril, Patrick Wolfe, and others that simple knew my family and I knew theirs. The MTC is an amazing place. With over 50 languages being taught, you hear contacts and lessons being practiced in a variety of ways, but it is the exact same spirit, who speaks with a universal language, by the power and love of our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. The Gospel is true. It brings joy to all those that live by its teachings. Everyone needs its truthfulness. Everyone has potential to become like God, átreves o Expiação de Jesus Cristo, nosso Slavador e Redentor porque Jesus Cristo é poderoso para salvar. I cannot describe how thankful I am to be a missionary for him, to bring people to the knowledge that I have been so greatly blessed with. What a blessing that it is. I know that I will always be an unprofitable servant, as King Benjamin says, but I know that I will be the best unprofitable servant that I can bring, and give my whole being and person to the Lord my God to whom it is owed.
Well, thank you for all of your letters. I love you so much! Also, thank you primary for all of you letters as well. I loved reading and looking at all of them. I miss you all, and I want you to know that you are the best primary members in the whole world. Thank you so much. I love you all. Tony, keep me posted on how the job works. As for tips, I will be sending those to you in a letter. Tell me what Pizza Hut it is in a dear elder. I miss pizza, I have to tell you, but mostly, I miss driving the pizza and counting tips at the end of the night. Well, I have to go, time is short, but I love you all, and I will be sending you letters, but I will not send them until tomorrow, so type up any questions in a dear elder today so that I can answer them in the letter. I love you all! Wish me luck in Brasil! Tchau e forca minha familia. Eu amo vocês muito.
Com Amor,
Elder Shane Lee

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