Elder Shane B Lee

Elder Shane B Lee

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Elder Shane Burnham Lee
Brazil Cuiaba Mission
Av. Hist. Rubens de Mendonca, 1731
Sala 10, Bairro: Consil
CSP: 78050-975 Cuiaba - MT

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 9 Mailed letter

This got to us after the week 10 e-mail.  We are now experiencing the "snail mail".

April 13, 2011
Hey Mom,
I am safe at the MTC in Sao Paulo. It is amazing here. Over half of the missionaries are from Brasil! Talk about a good last week at the MTC! Everyone here knows about the Cuiaba Mission. It is the hottest mission in Brasil because of the heat and humidity and the no breeze factor. I guess I will find out. The plane ride was awesome! I taught and became friends with Julio, who wanted to read a Book of Mormon and said I could vacation on his 12,000 acre farm in Campo Grande whenever I wanted. (he said his farm is relatively little) It was awesome and the Portuguese was fun. I could understand him when he was talking to me, but then he talked to his friend and I could only catch the gist of everything. Sao Paulo is awesome. The city is huge (although it looks old-school) and the driving is worse than California, although no road-rage. Everybody is super nice. It feels like I am in an indoor pool room all the time because of the humidity, but I guess I should get use to that. I will send pics when I can (and after I take some). I love you all and I loved talking on the phone with you.
Ate Logo!
Elder Shane Lee
PS - I don’t have a P-day here. I am leaving Tuesday morning so I will contact you from Cuiaba. Love you!

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