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Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 49 Letter

Monday, January 30, 2012
Hey family!
Has it been another week already?!  It sure has not felt like it.  We were kind of running around crazy getting ready for the coming of the mission president in Ji-Paraná.  He came to do training with missionaries, another with the leaders of the branch, and another with the members in general, and he stayed for church on Sunday.  He was here from Friday and I think that he is still here right now and will fly out later today.  So, this week we were preparing everything from projectors, to announcements, to the mineral water that he would drink while giving his talks.  Also, we started teaching Djennifer and Davyla´s dad.  Davyla was one of my baptisms in this area.  His name is José.  He has recently separated from his wife and is thus humble and ready to hear our message.  He is a great guy too.  We got to know him Tuesday which was good, and we had marked to teach him on Wednesday but he was sick so we did not get to teach him until Saturday because of his work schedule.  So, Saturday we taught him the first lesson and it was awesome.  Super powerful.  More than once tears were shed.  He has come to learn that trying to raise a family in this world is hard, especially all alone.  He has already been to church in the past, although did not get baptized and he has gone to church a couple of times that I was here, but he always found an excuse not to meet with us, but now he seems a lot more open and ready.  We marked his baptism for this Wednesday.  Sunday he came to church and really liked it and we introduced him to the president which was good.  Also, we once again had 8 investigators at church and we did do the confirmations of Cleidiane and Nayara.  It was awesome.  Cleidiane even said that she felt more of the spirit than when she was baptized which was the first time that I have heard that from a recent convert.  It was awesome.  So, all is well.  This Friday night I will leave to Vilheina and Santana will go to Cuiaba to be sent home to São Paulo.  I am going so as to not stay here alone.  It is a 6 hour bus ride, but it is the closes area to us.  That gives you all an idea of how isolated we are here.  I think that I will stay though, so after about a week there I will return again to Ji-Paraná.  So, there you have it, my week in an email.  President did a great training for the missionaries here, Elder Santana and I and 4 more that traveled from Vilheina.  He talked about the covenants that we make in the temple which was good because I have been missing the temple.  It kind of refreshed everything.  So, I love all of you and I cannot wait to hear from you all again.  Lots of love and have a great week.
Elder Lee

Yeah, I got the pics.  They are looking good.  Two handsome boys.  I think that I am going to stay.  President almost told me, but you never know for sure until the last day.  I did not see the blog, but I am running right now.  We are going to do an FHE and activities at José´s house which is going to be good.  He is our baptism for this Wednesday, although I heard that he is having some problems and so we may have to recommit him.  Anyways, I think that I am running off in a little, but I sure love you mom.  
Your Son

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 48 Letter

Monday, January 23, 2012
Hey Family!
How are all of you doing?!!  I am doing great.  We had a better week this last week.  We taught a lot more this week.  We taught mainly Cleidiane and Nayara.  Both are 20 years old, at least Cleidiane will be 20 next month, and both were baptized this Sunday.  To tell you a little bit about each of them, Cleidiane has been ready for baptism for a while now.  She gave up coffee and drinking and has been active in the church meetings and activities.  She was just shy to take the step of baptism, wanting more of a sign.  So, we continued to give her reading assignments in the Book of Mormon, and continued to tell her to pray.  I also remember one time that I talked to her about faith, and I read from Alma 32 where he asks if a sign or a sure knowledge was faith.  We explained how this life is a test of our faith, and that she had faith, but she was looking of a knowledge that is not meant to come until after the trail of our faith.  She agreed and even agreed to be baptized the following Sunday, which was a week ago.  She decided not to baptize because Val was not at church and she wanted Val at her baptism, as well as she was nervous.  We taught her this week and made a deal that she would pray during the sacrament and make a decision, which she made, to be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ.  Nayara was also a reference from a member, Larissa.  She has been a member of the 7th day Adventist since she was 9 years old and she is well studied in the bible, which brought on many questions.  At first I thought that she might be looking for a bible bash with her extremely large bible and notecards full of scriptures and questions, but it was very quickly apparent that she just wanted to learn for herself.  It was awesome teaching her.  I have never taught using so many scriptures, but we decided that that is what she needed.  It was awesome.  She has already been to church 4 times and she likes what she has learned.  We saw a huge difference in her when she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon.  She had already had a Book of Mormon before we started teaching her, and so we gave her reading assignments each visit, but during the 4th visit, she had some questions about the Book of Mormon, so I re-explained it to her.  Really, I did not explain the Book of Mormon because we had already taught her and she knew, but I taught her the importance of finding out if it was true.  I taught that if the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, because only a man of God could have translated this book.  She agreed.  Then I taught how if Joseph really was a prophet, the church must be the church of Christ, the only church on the face of the earth with authority to baptize.  Again she agreed.  Then I asked, so, when you find out the Book of Mormon is true, and therefore know that this is the true church, the only church with authority to baptize, what do you need to do?  Now she became a little reluctant, but admitted the need to be baptized.  So, I assigned 2 Nephi 25, which was not planned, but I knew that we would watch the testaments with her that night, so it was kind of spare of the moment, and what I believe to have been inspiration because I never would have thought to give this chapter to an investigator.  The next day we asked how her prayer was.  She said, I have gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  Now I know that it is true.  It was awesome.  I have never heard such a power testimony of the Book of Mormon from an investigator that had not yet been baptized.  We then asked her about baptism, and again she was nervous, baptism being an important step.  We asked her to pray about it and to think about her testimony that she had received.  She said that she would.  She called us Saturday night and said that she was ready to be baptized Sunday.  We went to her house with Cleidiane and Val Saturday night to visit and plan the baptism.  Cleidiane was still thinking about baptism at the time and she helped and received help from Nayara.  It was awesome watching my investigators encourage each other.  It was really cool.  Their baptism was great and really powerful.  Nayara´s mom, dad, and cousin came and we gave them a tour of the church building and they really liked the baptismal service.  We will teach them this week.  I am really excited.  Anyway, a great week!  I love all of you, and wish you all a great week.  
Love Elder Lee

Here are some pics of the baptism, us at a masonry stature and church, and me after playing soccer and wrestling with some of the young men, one being a member and 3 being investigators.  The smaller one behind Val is Cleidiane, and the one with less hair is Nayara.

To explain a little about the soccer and wrestling match, I started playing soccer with them and my shirt got a little dirty and after they wanted to wrestle, and I knew that this was the shirt that I would burn for my one year mark because it is more yellow than the others, so I decided to wrestle with them a little.  It was fun.  All of the members thought that it was awesome although I think that they were a little shocked too. 

It was good though, and this Sunday we had 8 investigators come to church.  Anyways, afterwards I made a soccer jersey out of my shirt with a red marker, so I took some pics.  Hope that you enjoy them...

The weather has been hotter than that though.  It is almost always 36 degrees C or hotter which is about 97 or hotter.  It gets down to 80 degrees around 6 00 at night.  Until then we are in an oven, and because of the rain, it feels hotter still.  It will rain hard for about 30 minutes and then the heat comes.  It is worse than if it hadn’t rained.  It is hot man.  Geez, I hope that next year you are having warmer weather because I really am afraid to come home to that kind of weather from 100 degrees.  I think that I will have to spend the first week at home in the hospital.

Happy Birthday Levi Lee!!!
Did you think that I would forget?  I will never forget about my little man´s birthday!  You are my best buddy and you are growing up!  5 years old!!  Wow!  I remember when I was five.  I liked it a lot.  After this birthday, you only have one more and then I will come home to see you.  Thank you so much for praying for me.  You are awesome.  Every time that you pray for me you are helping me.  Thanks buddy.  What do you like most about having a birthday?  I like presents and ice-cream.  I sure like you too.  Do you remember riding in the truck with me?  I do.  It was fun.  I sure miss you, and I cannot wait to see you again, but in the meantime, have a great birthday and tell me all about how it was.  I love you Levi!!!
Your big brother Shane

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 46 Letter (James says we are on week 48 of the mission so Shane must have missed a week or two writing!)

Monday, January 16, 2012
Hello my family!!!
So, I am a little short on time, but here is the official letter for you all.  This week was good.  We have made some progress.  Sadly, the baptism of Cleidiane did not happen, but it is because Val was unable to attend church and Cleidiane really wants Val there.  So, she remarked here baptism for this Sunday.  Also this week, we started teaching a young single adult named Naiyara.  She is awesome.  She has a lot of desire to learn and has many deep and well thought out questions for us.  At first, I thought she was wanting a bible bash because we arrived for our appointment she had a big bible, some books of the church, and a bunch of notecards, but after visiting and teaching her, we found that she really just wants to know which is perfect, because if you knock, it will be opened unto you.  She has already been to church a few times and was there again this Sunday.  This Sunday we had 6 investigators at church.  José, the father of Davela who we baptized, Cleidiane and her cousin Luana, Neiyara, Joyce, and the mother of a member whose name just left me... but anyways, it was good.  Towards the end of the month, President Oliveira is coming to Ji-parana to do some interviewing and I think he will reorganize the branch presidency, but he also said that he will work with us, so I am really excited.  It is going to be awesome.  President Oliveira is a really special man, a man with a huge spirit, a lot of love, and a man with authority.  I am really excited!!!  So, that is about our week as far as news goes.  This Sunday we did have a baptism in the branch of an 8 year old boy names Jean.  It was awesome seeing him get baptized and it made me think of how Koli´s baptism must have been.  So, there you have it.  I love you all and wish you a great week.  Love Elder Lee

Hey mom,
Sounds awesome and I wish that I was there, but I know that this is where I need to be.  I sure hope that Jet is alright, and I am really excited that the process is moving along.  I was able to listen to Elder Bednar which was awesome, so I can imagine, but to sit down at lunch and really converse with an apostle is something really special.  I am so glad that you had that opportunity.  I will write to gma today, thanks for the address.  Also, about Facebook, I gave Val my username and password and she is going to accept the Brazilian people for me because she knows who to accept and who to deny.  Some people post less than appropriate things, and there is also the problem of snakes, or in other words, girls that go after missionaries.  So if you want to accept Americans, I will let Val choose the Brazilians.  Thanks for doing this for me.  Also, thanks for the balls.  I am excited to play a little football and Santana will love the soccer ball.  Did you buy addidas or nike?  Also, make sure that everybody signs it, and if you want, you can sign Shiloh’s name for him. It would be awesome to fly through London.  I hope that works out because you will be able to see a little bit about dad´s mission, although I am sure that it has changed some.  Brazil is growing fast; especially in my mission because there is a lot of room to grow. For example, a year ago when Elder Santana was here, almost all the roads were dirt, but after a year and a little all of the main roads are paved and some of the others.  I want to return to Brazil to visit some of my areas.  It would be awesome.  Maybe you could come with me hahaha.
My investigators are well and elder Santana is doing well too.  He is tired and worn out so I have to take advantage of every opportunity, but it is part of the mission.  I am learning a lot and I think that he is learning too.  I have to remember that the mission never was about me.  It is about doing whatever I am asked.  Right now I was asked to send Santana home clean.  That is not always easy with Brazilians, but we are doing well.  I already told Val that you do not use Facebook a lot, just to talk with Shiloh, and she understands.  She is awesome.  Also, we had a snowless Christmas, and it is starting to get hotter.  Saturday was burning man.  I have a tan line from my tie now.
I love you,
Your son Elder Lee

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 45 Letter

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Family,
Another week as flown by without me noticing.  This week was a little difficult but we pushed through with faith and we had some good results.  We taught some new people and some less actives this week because we were in need of more people to teach.  This Sunday we had 6 investigators and 2 inactive members come to church.  It was awesome.  Also, this Sunday our gospel principle teacher was not here, so I taught the class that was full of people.  I think that there were at least 20 people listening.  A class really big for our branch.  I taught about our eternal family with Heavenly Father.  It went well.  Also, I started the month bearing my testimony this Sunday, because for some reason our testimony meeting was moved to this Sunday instead of last Sunday.  It was good.  What else... oh, funny story, yesterday I picked 3 marmãos from the road, or in English it is pie-pieas.  I have no idea how to spell that.  Pie-pie-as.  Everybody understand?  Good.  I also cut them and helped make a desert, and after I found out that the milk form this fruit burns your hand like nobody’s business.  Wow, it was crazy.  My hand was on fire!!!  After a few hours is went away though, and the dessert was good.  So, I do not know what else to say, because I think that I already about summed everything up with mom, but this week should be good and we are excited to get to work this week.  We have some new people to teach and we have some others that just need to get baptized.  The work is great.  I love you all and I wish you all a happy 2012!!!
Elder Lee

Hey my little men and my little girls!  It was great to hear from you.  Mason sounds like a good friend Ryan and Koli, I cannot wait to play the new Zelda game with you, but I think that I will have to beat the old one first.  Becca, I think that you are an amazing little girl, and I remember the poster that we made.  I think I did the writing of the title, if I remember correctly.  It was a lot of fun.  Katie, I just ate pancakes today for lunch.  In the language here they say Pancakes, because it is an English word but they cannot say it right, hahaha.  Well, I love all of you and have a great week!!!
Love Elder Lee

Hey mom, what a great story.  Wow, I sure loved hearing that.  You were an answer to a missionary who is praying for a miracle.  How awesome!  I sure love you mom.  How lucky I am.  Thanks for doing a Facebook for me.  It is the only way to keep in contact with everybody here.  I will look into it a little today if I have time.  I will send an email to Gma for sure.  Hey, do have an email address for cousin Shelby?  How is he doing?  Yeah, I got the pics; I am at a house of a member, Val, the one that I introduced you to on Christmas who is in the wheel chair.  The videos are trying to load right now and I have not taken a lot of pics this week, or any really... sorry, I will try to take more for you because I know that you like to see them.  Our baptism did not happen because all of the leaders took a bus ride to the temple.  It is three days by bus, and so we did not have anybody to do an interview.  We are kind of isolated here, without a cell phone or other missionaries.  We send a report to the president once a week, but that is it.  Kind of in the middle of nowhere.  I am doing good though.  This week I read the book of Alma, which is always awesome, starting with the missions of Alma and the sons of Mosiah, and then going into Moroni, Lehi, and Teancum and Helaman.  I really love it.  So, because I just thought of it, have you sent retainers again?  I think my next transfer will be on Feb after the first week.  Something like that.  I think that there is a good chance that I will stay here because my companion is leaving for sure, to his home, and so I think that president will want to leave somebody here who already knows everything and everyone.  So, if you would like, I could give you the address of this member here and you could send it to her house, because who knows when I will go to Cuiaba again.  And if I leave, and they get here afterwards, she will send it to me and I will give her the money.  Hey, do you think that you could do me a favor?  When you send the retainers, use my money and buy a soccer ball, Addidas or Nike (because the brand matters and a Nike or Addidas is like, $150 here and a dream of all Brazilians), and then have all of the kids and you and dad sign it with signatures and send it for my companion.  I will give it to him as a Christmas, going home, present.  Even if he has already left when it arrives he is coming back to visit or live here  in a month´s time.  Also, send a Wilson or Nike football too, because it is an awesome p-day activity with the youth.  They all want to try football.  We are without a cell so we use Val´s house as kind of a home base because she helps us with the phone problem and so we pay the credit, but to call other missionaries is long distance she we just use her cell phones to call investigators, but it is kind of hard.  We have a phone but it is without service because the secretaries gave us the wrong number on the card so all of our calls would count as long distance, and so they said that they would switch it but it has been a month now and nothing.  Kind of difficult, but hey, what can you do.  So, we do our best and right to the president every week to let him know that we are alive and active in the church, lol.  In the mission there are only two seasons.  Wet and hot, and dry and hot.  Right now we are in the wet and hot.  Alright, perfect.  I gotta go pretty soon.  I am going to help sister Val clean and mop the floor, but I love you and wish you a great week.  Love you mommy!!!

Hey Levi Lee!!!  Of course I miss you, and of course I love you.  I cannot wait to see you again and play with you.  We will do all kinds of fun things.  I am glad that you are going to be a super cool big brother for Jet.  We will all be best friends.  I love you Levi and have a great day buddy!!!

Hey dad thanks for the story.  I want to be that kind of missionary.  Thriving in adversity, he will always find a way.  Good luck with the conference, I am sure that it is going to be awesome, and I am a little jealous that I will not be there to listen to him.  He is awesome.  I love reading the Liahona magazines because the apostles and first presidency are amazing teachers. Well, have a great week dad!  I love you!  Elder Shane Lee 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 44 Letter

Monday, January 2, 2012
Dear Family,
How are you all?

Alright, let’s try and start that over again.  It was really standard...

Hey everyone,
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!  How fast 2011 has passed by.  I can hardly believe that it is a new year already.  So, I really do not have a lot to report on today.  All of our investigators were out of town this Sunday which was sad because we were hoping that Cleidiane would be baptized.  We had marked this Sunday but she also expressed the uncertainty of if she would be in town or not.  She had to go out of town to celebrate the New Year with her mom.  So, what else do I have to say... this Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.  It was alright.  I did not have any time to prepare hardly.  I was only planning on a quick 5 minutes and was asked to talk about how every member is a missionary.  Alright, no problem.  But, as I stood up to give the talk, the councilor asked if I could talk 15-20 minutes.  So, I thought that it was a little unorganized, but my companion said that it was good, the best talk that he had heard form a missionary in his life.  See why he is so likable, hahaha.  But I ended up teaching two examples of a member missionary from the Book of Mormon.  The first was Amulek (however you spell that in English) and how alma was rejected and was wanting to never return, but the angel commanded so he hurried back and met the member called Amulek and how Amulek was unafraid to teach and testify and a certain amount of the people were converted.  The second story was Ammon and Lamoni, how Ammon taught the king and the king was converted and later on how the king shared his 4 line testimony of the savior to his wife who was then overcome with the spirit unto conversion.  I talked about how in both situations the missionaries were there, directing the work with the investigators, but how the members had made the difference teaching, and simply being unafraid to bear a pure testimony.  I do not know how my talk went, but at least the stories were good.  My purpose was to excite them, and so after the stories and bore my testimony that the members in the branch have power, and that they have a right to the spirit, and that they are called to be a light to the world and how they are a light, that they sparkle wherever they go in this world.  Their light is seen and that they can be the means of bring souls to the source of light and salvation, Jesus Christ.  I made it to the 15-20 minute mark.  So, what else... everything is good, although slow. It is the last transfer for Elder Santana so he is getting pretty anxious to get home and less anxious to get to work.  I am trying to excite him but I feel like there is little that I can do.  He has already made up his mind.  I guess that I just have to continue trying and continue helping and teaching in every situation possible.  Take advantage of every opportunity.  I do not want to finish the mission like that, completely worn out and counting days to get home.  I was my last transfer to be the best transfer, because I will be the best missionary that I have been, better experienced and more grown up, mentally and physically.  Well, that is about all that I have to report on, so I will end this letter with my love for all of you.  I love all of you!!! And with a happy new year!!!  It is going to fly!  So until next week!
Love Elder Lee