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Elder Shane B Lee

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 5 Mailed Letter

Minha Familia!
Oi! Como Vai?! I thought that I would throw you all a letter. I have no idea what to say. Yeah, still do not know what to say. Oh, I have met a few Martial Island missionaries that are going to Spokane. It is pretty awesome because I know the streets they will walk and the houses they will knock. It is crazy! Elder Lines is headed to Brazil. Visas are flying in but I think I am about two weeks behind. It did not help that I came into the MTC early. It should be coming up though. I cannot wait to go to Bazil. It's going to be incredible. i mostly just want to meet the people. The language is so much fun but hard at the same time. I am speaking much better though. I understand a lot because I am friends with some Elders from Brazil going to Japan. Some of them I understand and some speak so quickly that I hear the other Brazillian Elders telling them to slow down. (They cut their words in half) They are so cool though. I guess the speed of the language depends on where they are from in Brazil.
So did you like the pics? Really, I do study most of the time. You did get my SD card right? Send it back to me when you can. No worries though, I am still me, I am just a missionary first now. I still can't believe I am a Missionary. I walked out of the gym about two weeks in and saw two missionaries in suits and without really thinking, I told
Elder White, "Hey there are real missionarie here." It is wierd, but I love it! It really does scare me that it has already been 5 1/2 weeks. I am afraid that it will go too fast. Is time flying by for you guys at home?
So, how is the weather? It is snowing a ton today although 2 days ago it was sunny. It has been back and forth since I arrived. Hey, I just got your Dear Elder letter Cam! Sounds like you had a great birthday. I am so proud of you! Yes, I have played my recorder a little bit. Just last night I was playing it. I miss playing the hymns with you guys. It sounded good, but not near as cool as with you all playing parts. It was still fun though and everyone thought it was awesome.
Anyway, it is getting time to close. Keep sending me mail. I love hearing from all of you. Also, keep me posted on my package because I could be leaving for Brazil anytime and I don't think packages can be sent to the MTC in San Paulo.
I love you all! Mom, how are you doing? Don't worry about me, everything is fine. God and others are watching over me; I can feel it.
Com muito amor, sempre e para sempre.
Elder Shane Lee

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 5 Letter

Hey everybody!
So, where do I start? I really do not know. My fat ankle is getting better, although it is still pretty big, and I sent you letters requesting some things that I would like you to send me. Shoot me a dear elder when you get it. Romneys, thank you for the cards, I cannot believe that there is life outside of the MTC. It kind of feels like everybody is working on learning a language all of the time, and I forget that there is really is such a thing as normal life. Weird. Anyways, thank you for the letters. I love hearing from you. Priests! Thank you as well for the letters and packages. Tony, thanks for the puzzle. I will give it to some Brazil girl when I teach her family and say that it was from you. Ian and Ryan, you two are the best. Thanks for the letter, package, love, and support. You cannot imagine how awesome it is here. It is incredible. Nothing like I imagined, but way better. It is crazy.
So, what else is going on. VISAs are coming. So far, I have lost 5 companions, which is way sad, but way exciting. 3 of the 5 are leaving to serve this Tuesday or Wednesday, and the other 2 are already in Brazil. Crazy! Hopefully mine is on the way. I cannot wait! I am staying busy teaching. I have been setting records for teaching appointments in a week, because I feel like I can speak more Portuguese then ever when I am teaching somebody! The Spirit makes all of the difference. Family, you would not believe how much Portuguese I have learned. I can teach every lesson in Preach my Gospel, and understand all of Pregar Meu Envangelho (Preach my Gospel). It is awesome. The scriptures in Portuguese are a little bit harder. Every tricky part of the language is in there and more. It is unreal, but I can understand a lot of it. It is so much fun, although it is not real yet. It almost feels like I am learning this language just because. I cannot imagine hearing it all the time with absolutely no English. It is going to be absolutely insane, but I cannot wait. My English spelling is now horrible, so forgive me if I mispell everything. Hahaha. So, what else is new... I am not sure. Time is unreal in the MTC. Feels like nothing, but it also feels like I waved good bye to you all at the airport forever ago. It is awesome though. I have had some discouraging days, but your mail always cheers my right up, and also the knowledge of 1 Nephi 3:7. I know that Heavenly Father is helping me so much. Congrats Shiloh! I am so happy for you! I cannot wait to hear all about this little "guy" ;) in a few short months. Wow, I am past the 5 week mark! 1/20 of mission is done! I can already tell that it is going to go by way to fast. I will be home in no time. Fast Sunday is coming up, and it is silver tie month, right Dad and Tony? Can't wait for Conference, although it is going to feel really weird without the pancakes, and Family. Well, I think that I have just about covered everything that is going on here. I am studying all of the time, and learning tons, although it feels like I simply forget everything that I learn, although I have found that the Spirit brings it back to my remembrance when I need it. I cannot wait to go and teach people. That is my favorite part of the MTC, teaching my investigators. They have this thing called the TE, where you can sign up for continuous investigators that act as people investigating the church, and they never break character. You set up more appointments, extend commitments, teach lessons, and everything. It is my favorite thing. It is optional, and most Elders do not do it, but I love it, because I love my investigators. It is incredible how real it feels, because the Spirit is there. I have 7 ongoing investigators right now, and so far, 4 of them have committed to me to be baptism. It is awesome, and I am teaching all of these investigators in Portuguese. It is incredible. So, what else is there to say... Thank you for everything! I love all of you!
Question time... Dad, how is the arm? Are you sleeping better? Caleb, how do you like sleeping in my room? Is Tony awesome or what! I am jealous. Shauna, are you getting ready for school? How was the Track meet? Tony, thanks again for the puzzle. You are awesome. How is school, and life? Any girls? There better not be. Anyways, what is new man? Are you excited for a mission? It is coming up so fast, I cannot even tell you! Cameron, Happy B Day!!! You are awesome, and I hope that you got my little note to you in the envelope that I sent. I hope that you had an awesome B Day. Jump on Dear elder and tell all about it. Alison, how is school, and are you getting ready for Tennis? Josh, how is life man. Still at the top of the school? Rebecca, how is the nose (and everything else)? Katie, what is going on with you? Tell me the truth about Rebecca's nose. hahaha. Ryan, dude, what is going on with you? How is school? Are you being good? Levi, hey buddy! I love you letters. Keep writing to me, and remember that I am the best, and that I am your favorite. I miss you, but don't worry, I will always remember that you are the best too. What did you do today? Mom, how is everything, and how is dad's arm for real? Did you get my letters? You can use my money for everything on that list. Well, I am down to the two minute mark, so I am going to need to wrap it up. I love all of you, and I will let you know if I get my VISA anytime soon. Life is great, and the language is awesome. I love you and know that I am here because I love my God, my savior and Redeemer. I owe him everything, and more, and I will give him just that, knowing that even that does not pay a percentage of what my debt is. I love you all, and I cannot wait to hear from you. Love you all!
Eu amo voces

Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 4 Letter

Hi everyone!
Thank you for all of your letters and the package! I loved it! I will be sending a letter to you in the mail today with my sd card with pics, so you can look for that. As for me, not a lot is new, other than the fact that I am learning more and more Portugues. I am speaking in the language all of the time! It is sooo cool! The Lord is helping me sooo much, and there is no doubt in my mind that I am being helped everyday. There is no way that I could do what I am doing by myself, I know because of how my Spanish class went :) Shiloh knows what I am talking about. So, Let me see if I can catch you up. First of all, to answer some questions. You say Grandma and Grandpa by saying Avó and Avô. They sound really similar, but they are slightly different. I am still district leader, although I think that it is time to be released on Sunday. Life is going well here. I am staying really busy, and working hard every moment of the day. I cannot wait to get out to Brazil and start teaching people in their language. Also, I decided that I might as well tell you mom, I did roll - sprain my ankle, although no worries, no big deal, but I thought that I would tell you because there are pics on the sd card that I will be sending. The pics are from 2, 3, and 4 days later (I did it on Sat), and it is still swollen now, but I can walk and everything, so you can relax mom. Everything is good. I was playing volleyball in Gym (yeah, pretty girly way to get hurt) and I jumped up, spiked the ball, and came down as my shoe was falling off, so I rolled it to the inside, but I did score the point, although right away I knew that I was done for the day. I iced it for 2 sets of 20 minutes and wrapped it up, but it still swelled up to the size of a baseball (that boney bump thing on the outside). It was crazy. Anyway, I cannot express how excited I am to teach people. We teach role play investigators here who are always in character. At the beginning of the week, we were teaching this guy named Merilho in Portugues, and after the first lesson, I do not think that he liked us very much. We struggled through the lesson in portugues, and he seemed very uncommitted. We were preparing to teach him about the plan of salvation, and prayed soooo hard. i wanted him to be baptized sooo bad, and so I studied and prayed. When the lesson came, we struggled through it again, but this time he seemed a little more interested. I started teaching about baptism a little bit, and had him read Alma 7 verse 15. While he was reading the Holy Ghost came over me, and I knew that he was going to be baptized. After the scripture, I began to talk more about baptism. Soon, I was saying all kinds of things in Portugues that I had no idea I could say, although I know that it was correct Portugues. The holy Ghost was guiding me sooo much, it felt completely unreal. I honestly do not remember everything that I said, but I do remember that I commanded him (in command form, I later found out) to be baptized for him, his God, and his family. The Spirit was sooo storng, I cannot even describe. It felt like a cloud of power in the room. After I said whatever I said, I told him again to be baptized, and he said that he would. It was incredible. When we left, my companions said that they understood parts of what I said, but that I was talking like our Portuguese teachers. It was amazing. It really strengthened my faith in both the gift of tounges and the power of the Holy Ghost. It was incredible. I cannot wait to do it out in the field. I have always known that the Holy Ghost is an incredible gift from a loving Heavenly Father, but now I know that I cannot and will never comprhend how miraculous this gift really is. I would like to bear my testimony. God is our father, and we are his literal children (Romans 8 16-18), and we, through the grace of our savior Jesus Christ, can live with him again, clothed with glory. I know that Jesus Christ's atonement is enough and more for all of the children of God. I know that God has prepared a plan of happiness for his children, that we might return to his presence with our familes. Families are an enternal principal. Were it not so, everything would be utterly wasted. Family is a gift from God on this Earth life, that is intended to be eternal. I know that through the prophet Joseph Smith, the true church of Jesus Christ has been restored on the Earth again, with all of the authority and power that we find and read about in the Holy Bible. I know that the Book of Mormon is an anceint record of scripture translated by God's prohpet Joseph Smith, and is the convincing evidence that Joseph Smith truly is a prophet of God, and that this book can bring us closer to Christ and to our families than any other book if we read it and apply its teachings into our lives. I know that there is a true prohpet today, and his name is Thomas S Monson. I know that I am not wasting my time here, but that I am the means of bringing people to Christ and to eternal salvation with thier families. i am involved in a real and true work, and I know that with every fiber of my being. Let me delcare to every soul, man, woman, and child that I know that my Redeemer lives, and that he loves every one of us, and that he is mighty to save. I have found this out for myself, and I know that you can too.

Your friend, son, and brother,
Elder Shane B. Lee
PS I met John Kennedy's (th guy with the hook) nephew JT Emerson. Pretty awesome! Tchau

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 3 Letter

So, another week has gone by and all is well. The Portugues is coming faster then I ever thought, and so if I am mis-spelling words, that is why. It is way harder to write in English and learn a language at the same time. So, first of all, let us see if I can answer some of your questions. Right now I have the same 2 companions, although one of them, Elder White just recieveds his VISA and is going to be going to brazil this comming thursday. I am still senior companion and destrcit leader, although I think that it will change next week at the 1/2 way point. I am not able to view blogs mom, but I might be able to in the field. I can also not send pics from the MTC because the computers do not allow it, although that will change in the field. I may be sending you some hard copies if you would like, and i can also send my SD Card and have you send it back. Feel free to tell me which you prefer. Question about the temple, I am able to attend the Temple on Friday mornings, which is awesome, and on Sundays we go and walk around at the temple. I did get my CTR ring, and it is way cool. Thank you all so much!!!! Also, I am getting dear elders just about every night from home, and I have recieved 2 from Shiloh, and one from Aunt Rachel Lee (Thank-you Rachel!!! I loved hearing from you, and your letter was great!) So, what is new... Caleb! You are getting ready to be baptized. Everything that I am doing right now is to help people choose to do what you are choosing to do because it is impossible to return to God without that ordinance. It is amazing that you are going to do that! I am sooo proud of you. I still remember when I was baptized on Dec 10. I remember that Dad baptized me and gave me the holy ghost. I am sooo excited for you! and I am glad that you are learning all about it this month. Youare getting so big! You are awesome Caleb, and I love you! So, what is new here with me... really, everything is about the same. I study and eat, teach invistigators (volunteers) and sleep. My portugues is getting way better. I have been doing contacts for a long time now, and I have been teaching in portugues as well. This week, we set a goal to teach 10 lessons in portugues. This last Wed, we had an all portugues day, were you can only speak portugues with the exception of planning and companionship study. Talk about a long day (no pun intended). My head was pounding by the end of the day, although you really start to improve with the accent, words, verbs, phrases, and the quickness of all of it coming to your mind. It was an awesome experience, and we are doing it again on Saterday. Soon, it will just be an everday thing, which will be absolutely crazy. Sometimes it feels like I am not learning enough, because of the vastness of all of the things to learn, but then you think about the fact that I havwe only been here for 3 weeks, and I am already understanding, teaching, and talking to others and it is amazing. From day 2 we had to do our prayers in Portugues, and so I have not said an English prayer for over 3 weeks! it is unreal how the spirit helps with the language, if you study, work hard, and be diligent. i have found that the way the Spirit has been working with me is by bringing things to my remembrance, not just giving me new words, so therefore, the more that I study and work, the more the spirit has to bring back to me when i need it. My mouth really has been being filled! It is an awesome experiance. It is also really cool, because I hear Spanish elders and I can understand everything that they are saying, and then we talk back, and they have no idea what is going on. It is pretty funny. So, what else... that is about everything. Oh, I did wear my blue tie on Sunday with you dad and tony, and I enjoy all of you letters and all of your dear elders. The japan earthquake is crazy! I did not hear anything about it until you told me dad, and thanks for the quote. Sadly, I got it right away (: Shauna, I cannot believe that you are 18! although it does make sense seeing as i am 19 and you are a year younger :) I am way proud of you for the scholarship! That is amazing! We always knew that you were smart, but now we can prove it, hahaha. Tony, I love you man, and I wish that you were here with me, but I know that you will be in two years, at least some MTC, and you will absolutely love everything! The spirit is so strong, and there is so mcuh to do, but you know that you are preparing for people that you were meant to teach, and I know that you are preparing now. Cameron, how is life man! You are going to love the MTC too! Well, and I am about out of time, so I will have to sum up the rest to you all. I love you, and know that I am working hard, and giving the Lord everything that I have and am. The gospel is true. levi, I will come home, "but not yet" (one for dad). I pray about you too, and i love you so much. Alison and down, you all all amazing. I want you to know that I know that the book of Mormon is incredible, and it is incredible because it is True, and I know that. There is so mcuh good in there that we are sooo blessed to have. Great job working with Justine as well!! I am out of time, but I love you all and look forward to hearing from you! You are the best family that an elder can ask for, but more importantly, the best family that a brother and son could ask for. I love you mom, and know that your baby is okay ;) Ate Logo

With love,
-Elder Lee

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 2 Mailed Letter

Hey Family!
I am also allowed to write letters on P-Day! So, just so you all know, I don't get desr elder letters until the evenings and I cannot read mail until the evenings and there is no mail on Saturday or Sunday. Dad, my P-day is on Fridays in the MTC. Tell everyone in Seminary hi and also please write the date somewhere on the dear elder letters so I know when you wrote them.
Okay, a couple of things i forgot to say in the e-mail. First of all, I filled out my electronic visa on Tuesday so hopefully I can go to Brazil in 7 weeks. Second, I jammed my hurt thumb really hard playing b.ball. So I thought of mom and decided to have it looked at. Remember how I may have fractured it 3 months ago? The x-rays showed that there was a fracture in the lower thumb, but it has basically healed. There are just some visible sore spots in the joint areas sop all should be well. I think the soreness is healing slowly because of my bad nerve, but the Doc says it shouldn't be a problem. Like I said, the fracture seems all good now; basically healed.
Dad, I am praying for you every day (in Portuguese). I am so sorry about everyting with your arm. I hope that you can feel my prayers and I hope that your shoulder heals up okay.
I have not received the handwritten letters yet, bu I am really excited to get them. Sorry about my handwritting; it is 10:00 and my hand is sore from writing.
Well I love all of you! Kids, be good for mom and dad. Ate Logo!
Com muito amor,
Elder Shane Lee
PS - When I typed "sai" in my email, i meant "sei", but you say it "say". Well love ya!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 2 Letter

Hi guys!
Happy Birthday Shauna! Just so that you know, I did not forget. I have a special journal entry for you on the 28th that you can read when I send my journal home when it is full! You are amazing! I hope that you had a great week! So, how is life! Everything is good here. Josh, yes the MTC is big, but no, I have not gotten lost. I am basically a pro at Portuguese. Just kidding, although it is amazing how much I have learned. I can understand it pretty well, and I can speak it okay. I can teach in it okay, and I have prayers and testimonies down. The accent is soooo cool. It is really nasally, which makes it super awesome, and I have found that when I hear Spanish elders I can understand just about everything that they are saying. Josh, I have gone to the Provo temple, twice. I went 1 week ago, and I just went this morning. It is muito bonito e divino. ROMNEY'S: thank you sooooo much for the package! I love all of you! Jackson, I flew in with Elder Lines, and I see Elder Bise around as well. The MTC is way cool; you are going to love it, although time is unreal... super slow, and super fast all at once. Hailey and Shauna, have fun with diving and gymnastics. I am way jealous! Sounds like a blast (no hanging with guys though...) so, what else is new with me... that is really about it. Studying Preach my Gospel, scriptures, and Portuguese everyday... oh, the devotionals are really awesome. We have heard from a member of the 70, and the 1st councilor of the presiding bishopric. Way cool. I also was able to watch the Joseph Smith movie, which was really cool as well. Tony, I will for sure wear the blue tie on Sunday! Did you ever fix your watch and the air soft rifle? Are how you and Koli? Josh, good work on defending yourself, and hopefully Tony was nice enough about it hahaha. Cameron, how is school and everything else? You are only a few short years before you are here! It comes way fast, and you never really believe that you are on your mission until you are, and even then, it seems unreal. It will probably feel like that to me until about a week before I come home. Dad, any updates on the arm? Is it feeling better at all, or is it still throbbing? Mom, I think that you would be proud of me. All of my white shirts are still white!!! I love you all sooo much. I showed everybody the pics that mom gave to me during a spotlight. I could not describe to them how cool all of you are (Tony is still on my camera doing flips, so they know that he is pretty sweet). They all think that it is really awesome that my siblings are my best friends. No worries Devon, that of course includes you. So Devon, how is everything going. Keep me posted, and thanks for the letter. You too Sebring. Keep working on verbs in Portuguese. That is what is going to help you the most. Also, bring some sugar to snack on in between meals, and do not go crazy on the orange juice, even though it is really good. Grandma, thank you for the journal! I have been writing in it every night, and it feels like all of you are reading it, so sorry if I seem really vague in me emails home. What else has been going on…? I was reading in Mosiah, and I recently read about Abinidi. I totally was thinking of you Shauna, because I know that he is your hero in the Book of Mormon. The book of Mormon is sooo awesome. I have gained a new dimension on my testimony that the book of Mormon is quick and alive. It is now speaking to me as a missionary more than ever before. Every verse is about me as a missionary! I love it. I cannot wait to get out to Brazil and share the knowledge of the evangelho (sorry, gospel) with everybody that I see, because it is meant for everybody that I see. Jesus Christ paid for their sins, and provided a plan of happiness for them, and they don't even know about it. I cannot wait to take that to them, and see them change their lives to find joy, peace, and the blessings of eternal families. Well, I still have a little bit of time left, so here is my testimony:
Eu sai que o Jesus Cristo é o filho de Dues. Eu sai que é O Livro De Mórmon é verdaderio e que Joseph Smith foi o profeta de Pia Celestral. Eu sai que Thomas S Monson é o profeta hoje. Eu sia que Jesus Cristo é meu salvodor, e meu amigo. Eu sai que minha familia é enterna, e que o plano de felisidade é verdaderio. Eu sou grato por minha familia, e por eles testimunhas. En nome de Jesus Cristo, nosso Salvador, amem.
Com muito amor,
Elder Shane B. Lee