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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 3 Letter

So, another week has gone by and all is well. The Portugues is coming faster then I ever thought, and so if I am mis-spelling words, that is why. It is way harder to write in English and learn a language at the same time. So, first of all, let us see if I can answer some of your questions. Right now I have the same 2 companions, although one of them, Elder White just recieveds his VISA and is going to be going to brazil this comming thursday. I am still senior companion and destrcit leader, although I think that it will change next week at the 1/2 way point. I am not able to view blogs mom, but I might be able to in the field. I can also not send pics from the MTC because the computers do not allow it, although that will change in the field. I may be sending you some hard copies if you would like, and i can also send my SD Card and have you send it back. Feel free to tell me which you prefer. Question about the temple, I am able to attend the Temple on Friday mornings, which is awesome, and on Sundays we go and walk around at the temple. I did get my CTR ring, and it is way cool. Thank you all so much!!!! Also, I am getting dear elders just about every night from home, and I have recieved 2 from Shiloh, and one from Aunt Rachel Lee (Thank-you Rachel!!! I loved hearing from you, and your letter was great!) So, what is new... Caleb! You are getting ready to be baptized. Everything that I am doing right now is to help people choose to do what you are choosing to do because it is impossible to return to God without that ordinance. It is amazing that you are going to do that! I am sooo proud of you. I still remember when I was baptized on Dec 10. I remember that Dad baptized me and gave me the holy ghost. I am sooo excited for you! and I am glad that you are learning all about it this month. Youare getting so big! You are awesome Caleb, and I love you! So, what is new here with me... really, everything is about the same. I study and eat, teach invistigators (volunteers) and sleep. My portugues is getting way better. I have been doing contacts for a long time now, and I have been teaching in portugues as well. This week, we set a goal to teach 10 lessons in portugues. This last Wed, we had an all portugues day, were you can only speak portugues with the exception of planning and companionship study. Talk about a long day (no pun intended). My head was pounding by the end of the day, although you really start to improve with the accent, words, verbs, phrases, and the quickness of all of it coming to your mind. It was an awesome experience, and we are doing it again on Saterday. Soon, it will just be an everday thing, which will be absolutely crazy. Sometimes it feels like I am not learning enough, because of the vastness of all of the things to learn, but then you think about the fact that I havwe only been here for 3 weeks, and I am already understanding, teaching, and talking to others and it is amazing. From day 2 we had to do our prayers in Portugues, and so I have not said an English prayer for over 3 weeks! it is unreal how the spirit helps with the language, if you study, work hard, and be diligent. i have found that the way the Spirit has been working with me is by bringing things to my remembrance, not just giving me new words, so therefore, the more that I study and work, the more the spirit has to bring back to me when i need it. My mouth really has been being filled! It is an awesome experiance. It is also really cool, because I hear Spanish elders and I can understand everything that they are saying, and then we talk back, and they have no idea what is going on. It is pretty funny. So, what else... that is about everything. Oh, I did wear my blue tie on Sunday with you dad and tony, and I enjoy all of you letters and all of your dear elders. The japan earthquake is crazy! I did not hear anything about it until you told me dad, and thanks for the quote. Sadly, I got it right away (: Shauna, I cannot believe that you are 18! although it does make sense seeing as i am 19 and you are a year younger :) I am way proud of you for the scholarship! That is amazing! We always knew that you were smart, but now we can prove it, hahaha. Tony, I love you man, and I wish that you were here with me, but I know that you will be in two years, at least some MTC, and you will absolutely love everything! The spirit is so strong, and there is so mcuh to do, but you know that you are preparing for people that you were meant to teach, and I know that you are preparing now. Cameron, how is life man! You are going to love the MTC too! Well, and I am about out of time, so I will have to sum up the rest to you all. I love you, and know that I am working hard, and giving the Lord everything that I have and am. The gospel is true. levi, I will come home, "but not yet" (one for dad). I pray about you too, and i love you so much. Alison and down, you all all amazing. I want you to know that I know that the book of Mormon is incredible, and it is incredible because it is True, and I know that. There is so mcuh good in there that we are sooo blessed to have. Great job working with Justine as well!! I am out of time, but I love you all and look forward to hearing from you! You are the best family that an elder can ask for, but more importantly, the best family that a brother and son could ask for. I love you mom, and know that your baby is okay ;) Ate Logo

With love,
-Elder Lee

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