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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 2 Letter

Hi guys!
Happy Birthday Shauna! Just so that you know, I did not forget. I have a special journal entry for you on the 28th that you can read when I send my journal home when it is full! You are amazing! I hope that you had a great week! So, how is life! Everything is good here. Josh, yes the MTC is big, but no, I have not gotten lost. I am basically a pro at Portuguese. Just kidding, although it is amazing how much I have learned. I can understand it pretty well, and I can speak it okay. I can teach in it okay, and I have prayers and testimonies down. The accent is soooo cool. It is really nasally, which makes it super awesome, and I have found that when I hear Spanish elders I can understand just about everything that they are saying. Josh, I have gone to the Provo temple, twice. I went 1 week ago, and I just went this morning. It is muito bonito e divino. ROMNEY'S: thank you sooooo much for the package! I love all of you! Jackson, I flew in with Elder Lines, and I see Elder Bise around as well. The MTC is way cool; you are going to love it, although time is unreal... super slow, and super fast all at once. Hailey and Shauna, have fun with diving and gymnastics. I am way jealous! Sounds like a blast (no hanging with guys though...) so, what else is new with me... that is really about it. Studying Preach my Gospel, scriptures, and Portuguese everyday... oh, the devotionals are really awesome. We have heard from a member of the 70, and the 1st councilor of the presiding bishopric. Way cool. I also was able to watch the Joseph Smith movie, which was really cool as well. Tony, I will for sure wear the blue tie on Sunday! Did you ever fix your watch and the air soft rifle? Are how you and Koli? Josh, good work on defending yourself, and hopefully Tony was nice enough about it hahaha. Cameron, how is school and everything else? You are only a few short years before you are here! It comes way fast, and you never really believe that you are on your mission until you are, and even then, it seems unreal. It will probably feel like that to me until about a week before I come home. Dad, any updates on the arm? Is it feeling better at all, or is it still throbbing? Mom, I think that you would be proud of me. All of my white shirts are still white!!! I love you all sooo much. I showed everybody the pics that mom gave to me during a spotlight. I could not describe to them how cool all of you are (Tony is still on my camera doing flips, so they know that he is pretty sweet). They all think that it is really awesome that my siblings are my best friends. No worries Devon, that of course includes you. So Devon, how is everything going. Keep me posted, and thanks for the letter. You too Sebring. Keep working on verbs in Portuguese. That is what is going to help you the most. Also, bring some sugar to snack on in between meals, and do not go crazy on the orange juice, even though it is really good. Grandma, thank you for the journal! I have been writing in it every night, and it feels like all of you are reading it, so sorry if I seem really vague in me emails home. What else has been going on…? I was reading in Mosiah, and I recently read about Abinidi. I totally was thinking of you Shauna, because I know that he is your hero in the Book of Mormon. The book of Mormon is sooo awesome. I have gained a new dimension on my testimony that the book of Mormon is quick and alive. It is now speaking to me as a missionary more than ever before. Every verse is about me as a missionary! I love it. I cannot wait to get out to Brazil and share the knowledge of the evangelho (sorry, gospel) with everybody that I see, because it is meant for everybody that I see. Jesus Christ paid for their sins, and provided a plan of happiness for them, and they don't even know about it. I cannot wait to take that to them, and see them change their lives to find joy, peace, and the blessings of eternal families. Well, I still have a little bit of time left, so here is my testimony:
Eu sai que o Jesus Cristo é o filho de Dues. Eu sai que é O Livro De Mórmon é verdaderio e que Joseph Smith foi o profeta de Pia Celestral. Eu sai que Thomas S Monson é o profeta hoje. Eu sia que Jesus Cristo é meu salvodor, e meu amigo. Eu sai que minha familia é enterna, e que o plano de felisidade é verdaderio. Eu sou grato por minha familia, e por eles testimunhas. En nome de Jesus Cristo, nosso Salvador, amem.
Com muito amor,
Elder Shane B. Lee

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