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Elder Shane B Lee

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 5 Mailed Letter

Minha Familia!
Oi! Como Vai?! I thought that I would throw you all a letter. I have no idea what to say. Yeah, still do not know what to say. Oh, I have met a few Martial Island missionaries that are going to Spokane. It is pretty awesome because I know the streets they will walk and the houses they will knock. It is crazy! Elder Lines is headed to Brazil. Visas are flying in but I think I am about two weeks behind. It did not help that I came into the MTC early. It should be coming up though. I cannot wait to go to Bazil. It's going to be incredible. i mostly just want to meet the people. The language is so much fun but hard at the same time. I am speaking much better though. I understand a lot because I am friends with some Elders from Brazil going to Japan. Some of them I understand and some speak so quickly that I hear the other Brazillian Elders telling them to slow down. (They cut their words in half) They are so cool though. I guess the speed of the language depends on where they are from in Brazil.
So did you like the pics? Really, I do study most of the time. You did get my SD card right? Send it back to me when you can. No worries though, I am still me, I am just a missionary first now. I still can't believe I am a Missionary. I walked out of the gym about two weeks in and saw two missionaries in suits and without really thinking, I told
Elder White, "Hey there are real missionarie here." It is wierd, but I love it! It really does scare me that it has already been 5 1/2 weeks. I am afraid that it will go too fast. Is time flying by for you guys at home?
So, how is the weather? It is snowing a ton today although 2 days ago it was sunny. It has been back and forth since I arrived. Hey, I just got your Dear Elder letter Cam! Sounds like you had a great birthday. I am so proud of you! Yes, I have played my recorder a little bit. Just last night I was playing it. I miss playing the hymns with you guys. It sounded good, but not near as cool as with you all playing parts. It was still fun though and everyone thought it was awesome.
Anyway, it is getting time to close. Keep sending me mail. I love hearing from all of you. Also, keep me posted on my package because I could be leaving for Brazil anytime and I don't think packages can be sent to the MTC in San Paulo.
I love you all! Mom, how are you doing? Don't worry about me, everything is fine. God and others are watching over me; I can feel it.
Com muito amor, sempre e para sempre.
Elder Shane Lee

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