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Elder Shane B Lee

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 2 Mailed Letter

Hey Family!
I am also allowed to write letters on P-Day! So, just so you all know, I don't get desr elder letters until the evenings and I cannot read mail until the evenings and there is no mail on Saturday or Sunday. Dad, my P-day is on Fridays in the MTC. Tell everyone in Seminary hi and also please write the date somewhere on the dear elder letters so I know when you wrote them.
Okay, a couple of things i forgot to say in the e-mail. First of all, I filled out my electronic visa on Tuesday so hopefully I can go to Brazil in 7 weeks. Second, I jammed my hurt thumb really hard playing b.ball. So I thought of mom and decided to have it looked at. Remember how I may have fractured it 3 months ago? The x-rays showed that there was a fracture in the lower thumb, but it has basically healed. There are just some visible sore spots in the joint areas sop all should be well. I think the soreness is healing slowly because of my bad nerve, but the Doc says it shouldn't be a problem. Like I said, the fracture seems all good now; basically healed.
Dad, I am praying for you every day (in Portuguese). I am so sorry about everyting with your arm. I hope that you can feel my prayers and I hope that your shoulder heals up okay.
I have not received the handwritten letters yet, bu I am really excited to get them. Sorry about my handwritting; it is 10:00 and my hand is sore from writing.
Well I love all of you! Kids, be good for mom and dad. Ate Logo!
Com muito amor,
Elder Shane Lee
PS - When I typed "sai" in my email, i meant "sei", but you say it "say". Well love ya!

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