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Elder Shane B Lee

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 5 Letter

Hey everybody!
So, where do I start? I really do not know. My fat ankle is getting better, although it is still pretty big, and I sent you letters requesting some things that I would like you to send me. Shoot me a dear elder when you get it. Romneys, thank you for the cards, I cannot believe that there is life outside of the MTC. It kind of feels like everybody is working on learning a language all of the time, and I forget that there is really is such a thing as normal life. Weird. Anyways, thank you for the letters. I love hearing from you. Priests! Thank you as well for the letters and packages. Tony, thanks for the puzzle. I will give it to some Brazil girl when I teach her family and say that it was from you. Ian and Ryan, you two are the best. Thanks for the letter, package, love, and support. You cannot imagine how awesome it is here. It is incredible. Nothing like I imagined, but way better. It is crazy.
So, what else is going on. VISAs are coming. So far, I have lost 5 companions, which is way sad, but way exciting. 3 of the 5 are leaving to serve this Tuesday or Wednesday, and the other 2 are already in Brazil. Crazy! Hopefully mine is on the way. I cannot wait! I am staying busy teaching. I have been setting records for teaching appointments in a week, because I feel like I can speak more Portuguese then ever when I am teaching somebody! The Spirit makes all of the difference. Family, you would not believe how much Portuguese I have learned. I can teach every lesson in Preach my Gospel, and understand all of Pregar Meu Envangelho (Preach my Gospel). It is awesome. The scriptures in Portuguese are a little bit harder. Every tricky part of the language is in there and more. It is unreal, but I can understand a lot of it. It is so much fun, although it is not real yet. It almost feels like I am learning this language just because. I cannot imagine hearing it all the time with absolutely no English. It is going to be absolutely insane, but I cannot wait. My English spelling is now horrible, so forgive me if I mispell everything. Hahaha. So, what else is new... I am not sure. Time is unreal in the MTC. Feels like nothing, but it also feels like I waved good bye to you all at the airport forever ago. It is awesome though. I have had some discouraging days, but your mail always cheers my right up, and also the knowledge of 1 Nephi 3:7. I know that Heavenly Father is helping me so much. Congrats Shiloh! I am so happy for you! I cannot wait to hear all about this little "guy" ;) in a few short months. Wow, I am past the 5 week mark! 1/20 of mission is done! I can already tell that it is going to go by way to fast. I will be home in no time. Fast Sunday is coming up, and it is silver tie month, right Dad and Tony? Can't wait for Conference, although it is going to feel really weird without the pancakes, and Family. Well, I think that I have just about covered everything that is going on here. I am studying all of the time, and learning tons, although it feels like I simply forget everything that I learn, although I have found that the Spirit brings it back to my remembrance when I need it. I cannot wait to go and teach people. That is my favorite part of the MTC, teaching my investigators. They have this thing called the TE, where you can sign up for continuous investigators that act as people investigating the church, and they never break character. You set up more appointments, extend commitments, teach lessons, and everything. It is my favorite thing. It is optional, and most Elders do not do it, but I love it, because I love my investigators. It is incredible how real it feels, because the Spirit is there. I have 7 ongoing investigators right now, and so far, 4 of them have committed to me to be baptism. It is awesome, and I am teaching all of these investigators in Portuguese. It is incredible. So, what else is there to say... Thank you for everything! I love all of you!
Question time... Dad, how is the arm? Are you sleeping better? Caleb, how do you like sleeping in my room? Is Tony awesome or what! I am jealous. Shauna, are you getting ready for school? How was the Track meet? Tony, thanks again for the puzzle. You are awesome. How is school, and life? Any girls? There better not be. Anyways, what is new man? Are you excited for a mission? It is coming up so fast, I cannot even tell you! Cameron, Happy B Day!!! You are awesome, and I hope that you got my little note to you in the envelope that I sent. I hope that you had an awesome B Day. Jump on Dear elder and tell all about it. Alison, how is school, and are you getting ready for Tennis? Josh, how is life man. Still at the top of the school? Rebecca, how is the nose (and everything else)? Katie, what is going on with you? Tell me the truth about Rebecca's nose. hahaha. Ryan, dude, what is going on with you? How is school? Are you being good? Levi, hey buddy! I love you letters. Keep writing to me, and remember that I am the best, and that I am your favorite. I miss you, but don't worry, I will always remember that you are the best too. What did you do today? Mom, how is everything, and how is dad's arm for real? Did you get my letters? You can use my money for everything on that list. Well, I am down to the two minute mark, so I am going to need to wrap it up. I love all of you, and I will let you know if I get my VISA anytime soon. Life is great, and the language is awesome. I love you and know that I am here because I love my God, my savior and Redeemer. I owe him everything, and more, and I will give him just that, knowing that even that does not pay a percentage of what my debt is. I love you all, and I cannot wait to hear from you. Love you all!
Eu amo voces

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