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Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 49 Letter

Monday, January 30, 2012
Hey family!
Has it been another week already?!  It sure has not felt like it.  We were kind of running around crazy getting ready for the coming of the mission president in Ji-Paraná.  He came to do training with missionaries, another with the leaders of the branch, and another with the members in general, and he stayed for church on Sunday.  He was here from Friday and I think that he is still here right now and will fly out later today.  So, this week we were preparing everything from projectors, to announcements, to the mineral water that he would drink while giving his talks.  Also, we started teaching Djennifer and Davyla´s dad.  Davyla was one of my baptisms in this area.  His name is José.  He has recently separated from his wife and is thus humble and ready to hear our message.  He is a great guy too.  We got to know him Tuesday which was good, and we had marked to teach him on Wednesday but he was sick so we did not get to teach him until Saturday because of his work schedule.  So, Saturday we taught him the first lesson and it was awesome.  Super powerful.  More than once tears were shed.  He has come to learn that trying to raise a family in this world is hard, especially all alone.  He has already been to church in the past, although did not get baptized and he has gone to church a couple of times that I was here, but he always found an excuse not to meet with us, but now he seems a lot more open and ready.  We marked his baptism for this Wednesday.  Sunday he came to church and really liked it and we introduced him to the president which was good.  Also, we once again had 8 investigators at church and we did do the confirmations of Cleidiane and Nayara.  It was awesome.  Cleidiane even said that she felt more of the spirit than when she was baptized which was the first time that I have heard that from a recent convert.  It was awesome.  So, all is well.  This Friday night I will leave to Vilheina and Santana will go to Cuiaba to be sent home to São Paulo.  I am going so as to not stay here alone.  It is a 6 hour bus ride, but it is the closes area to us.  That gives you all an idea of how isolated we are here.  I think that I will stay though, so after about a week there I will return again to Ji-Paraná.  So, there you have it, my week in an email.  President did a great training for the missionaries here, Elder Santana and I and 4 more that traveled from Vilheina.  He talked about the covenants that we make in the temple which was good because I have been missing the temple.  It kind of refreshed everything.  So, I love all of you and I cannot wait to hear from you all again.  Lots of love and have a great week.
Elder Lee

Yeah, I got the pics.  They are looking good.  Two handsome boys.  I think that I am going to stay.  President almost told me, but you never know for sure until the last day.  I did not see the blog, but I am running right now.  We are going to do an FHE and activities at José´s house which is going to be good.  He is our baptism for this Wednesday, although I heard that he is having some problems and so we may have to recommit him.  Anyways, I think that I am running off in a little, but I sure love you mom.  
Your Son

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