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Elder Shane B Lee

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Elder Shane Burnham Lee
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 12 Letter

May 9, 2011
Hey mom, are you there. I only have 20 minutes today because I am in Cuiaba right now.
Happy mother´s day mommy! I love you so much. Sorry that I missed you on Sunday, but I think that we were off on our time. From what I hear, we are only 3 hours apart and not five, because you were at church and I called at about 3 30 my time, so maybe that is right. Right now it is 10:50 am were I am at, so you can check your clock and see what time it is there. I am in Cuiaba for a zone conference so I cannot call for a few days, but I will call at 3:30 your time on wed when everyone is home. I think that that is going to be 6:30 my time, and not 8:30. Anyways, I have a favor to ask of you. Can you email me the recipe for rice pudding and for pancakes? That would be awesome. I am the missionary doing the cooking for the household, which is kinda a scary thought, right? Well, so far so good. it is rather simple, rice everyday for every meal lol. Well, mommy, I only have a very limited time today, but I wanted to let you know that I love you and that I was thinking about you a lot yesterday, and everything that you have done for me, and the role that you played and are continuing to play in my life. Every life that I change here is because of you, and you deserve a majority of the credit. I love you mom, and I cannot wait to hear your vioce on Wed. Let me know if that will work. I might be able to check my email again today, but I am not sure. Right now, I am not sure about anything and how everything is going to work, but I thought that I would drop a note that said that I love you and was wishng you a happy mother´s day. Love you a ton mom. Your son, Elder Lee
PS - hey, I saw my first croc aout 20 feet from me and also my first monkeys and parrots. Interesting story with the croc, but no worries mom, all is well. I will catch you up on wed, but I only have about a min left so I have to hurry and get this sent to you. I love you all, and wish you the best. Até logo
com amor
Elder Lee
Hey mom, are you online right now?
Thank you for the recipes. I am way excited, and my companion is as well. Alright, I think that I have the times thing all figured out so it will be wed at about 3:30 your time, and all is well. Thank you for everything. I also recieved both of the letters that you had sent earlier today because I am in Cuiába. They were great. Tell everyone that I said hi and that I wish them the best. I will talk to you all wed. oh yeah, Elder Nielson´s mom wanted you to know about a website called ldsmissionarymoms.com Elder Nielson is the missionary from Utah that is companions with Elder Melo who live in the same house as us but have the other side of Sinop. Alright, I think that that is everything that I needed to say. I am right now sending in my reports to the mission president and I will be called in for an interview anytime, so I have to go, but if you have any questions, give me an email, and maybe I will be able to see it later today. I love you all, and I cannot wait to give you a call. Tchau

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