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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 27 Letter

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey Ali!  I cannot believe that you are going to be a freshman!  Life is so crazy!  You must be getting old; then again, I guess that I will be 20 this December which feels really weird.  Also, if it makes you feel better, i started high school when I was just over 4 feet 10 inches, so you are off to a better start them I was.  I miss getting wood with you guys.  What fun.  I can picture your finger.  I had about the same experience in the sixth grade, playing soccer during school and getting stung on the finger and it swelled up too.  I think that it is because the finger is more sensitive to bee stings or something like that.  Anyways, thanks for the email and I love you and no worries about high school, you will do great.  You are smart and everybody will like you, although I hope that Cameron and tony keep a good eye and you and the boys while I am gone.  Love you and until next time!

Hey everyone.  What a sad event that happened in Spokane this week, but I know that the spirits in heaven and his family on the other side are rejoicing.  I have already written an email on this topic that you can all read.  Serving a mission and helped me gain a vision and perspective of this life.  Both how to live in this life and what this life really is, a time to prepare to meet God, a very temporary time, but also a critical time.  Tommy did a fine job in this life, and his service will continue in the next life.  My week this week was busy.  Elder Leal and I worked more than either of us has worked on our mission.  My language has improved dramatically and I feel like I am say anything that I want.  Elder Leal is doing really well, which is a change in his mission.  He has 13 or 14 months in the mission and this transfer we have taken fire.  We did not have anyone at church this Sunday which was really a disappointment, because we worked really hard, but there was an episode that took place in between church meetings which made me think that it was a blessing that none of our investigators were there.  Sometimes, I really miss having a strong ward and stake.  Life in a branch in the middle of nowhere can be hard, but we are trying to strengthen the branch here.  We did activate a man here, which was really exciting and good.  We have been teaching his friend and at the same time, re-teaching him all of the lessons and he has changed his perspective and is excited about the gospel again.  Anyways, this week will be another good week.  I am learning and improving every day.  I am always trying to improve on the little things that make a difference and trying to grow into the missionary that God wants me to be.  Thank you for all of your prayers, I can feel them in my mission.  That is really all that I can think to write, but everything is good here and this week will be exciting.  I love all of you and have a great week.
Elder Lee

No, I have not been to Jackson´s blog, although we will email to each other every once in a while.  Alex is awesome and he will be a great missionary.  It will be a while before I go to Cuiaba unless I am transferred there, but our zone leaders are there more often so I will get the package soon after it arrives in Cuiaba so no worries.  Just remember to put a pic of Jesus on it so people do not open it and steal everything.  Thanks for all of your help. 

I hope that I am the kind of missionary that dad was.  He is my hero, but I am sure that you already knew that, huh.  I am glad that he married you too; I have the best parents in the world.  I do not know what I did right in the pre-mortal world, or what I did wrong to prove that I needed the best parents in the world, but either way I am grateful.  Thanks for everything.  Sorry if my email was short, but I really could not think of anything else to write.  It feels like I just wrote to you.  Time is going by so fast!

No, he has not got his mission call.  He did do his interviews, but he needs to wait a little longer to get more financially set because he is living off money from his dad for school and housing, and his dad is not a member of the church.  His dad is okay with him serving a mission some days and other days he does not want him to serve but finish school first, so they are trying to getting everything squared away before he leaves with money and family.  President Oliveira did the interview and Willians told me that he needs to finish another semester of school to please his dad before he can leave because President wants his dad to be happy.  Anyways, he is still really excited to serve and President is helping him.

Yeah, I just looked.  Tony is the man, I miss doing that kind of thing with him.  Well, I gotta go and get back to work, but I love you and I will write to you again soon.  Have a great week mom.  I love you!!!

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