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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 31 Letter

Tuesday, October 3, 2011

Hello everyone, I am now in Cuiaba serving with an elder from rio de janeiro named Elder Aidukaitis (pronounce it like this, I do kites).  I had already known him because he was in my zone in Sorriso.  He is great, and he will be a good senior.  He is excited, outgoing, and likes to baptize, although he also likes to goof around a little and rules have less meaning to him.  He speaks some English and understands well, but I cannot get myself to speak in English.  I guess that I like Portuguese too much.  Anyways, we are living with the zone leaders who are awesome and we are in zone Cuiaba.  It is a big city and it is really weird because I have not seen a decent sized city for 7 months.  It is twice the size of Spokane.  It is super hot, can be 48 degrees C, and it is dirty.  Everybody just throws everything on the road and the city hires sweepers to sweep, but it is always a mess. Anyways, I am really excited to be with my new companion although it is really sad to leave an old companion.  I sure liked Elder Leal.  I also was really sad to leave Lucas.  Thanks for the advice dad.  It is true that there is a temptation to try to not get attached because there really is heartache when you leave, but I know that I am here for a reason and I need to leave everything on the field.  Just like a race.  You can try to run a little slower and you think that you will feel better after, but there is an even better feeling when you leave everything on the track and afterwards you can barely walk but you are satisfied.  I am excited for this new transfer.  Also, I was thinking about everything that I did this last transfer.  We baptized two members who are super firm in the church, we reactivated 2 families and 3 other men, and we helped the branch become really excited about missionary work with both nonmembers and less actives.  President did put another companionship in Lucas and we left the branch with an attendance of over 50 people compared to the 25 that were at church when I arrived.  It was a good transfer.  Also, Elder Leal is now serving as the district leader.  I am really proud of him and his progress.  He is a great missionary.  I did not have the opportunity to watch conference because Lucas does not have the means to watch, so we had a normal sacrament meeting.  I will have to read it in the Liahona.  I am really excited to read it though.  They are incredible teachers.  Well, I think that that about sums everything up for this week.  Everything is fine and I am in the big city.  Hopefully I do not have any of the usual problems of thieves on the street.  Lucky for me, I look like a Brazilian.  Nobody knows or suspects that I am American until I speak, even the American missionaries that do not know me.  So, I think that I might get away lucky.  There was a joke that somebody told me.  I will try to translate for you.  The president of the US, Paraguay, and Brazil were in an airplane.  The pilot wanted to know how well they each knew their country so he asked them to put their hands out the window and speak up when they were above their countries.  Bush was the first to speak.  `Ah, this is my country.  I can feel the power and industry in the air.´   The pilot confirmed.  After, the President of Paraguay spoke `Ah, my country now.  I can feel the farm and crops in the air´  Again, the pilot confirmed.  After a while, the president of Brazil spoke `Yes, my country, I am 100 percent sure, without any doubt.´  Everyone was surprised with the so sure response.  To the pilot´s question of how he knew with so much assurity he said showing his wrist `Somebody stole my wrist watch´  Well, gotta end somehow and a punch line seems appropriate.  we are entering the rain season. give to me.  What a blessing you all are.  I  When it rains it comes down, but it rains hot water.  Seriously, really weird.  As answers to your questions, I have not got my package yet, but I think that it should arrive anytime.  Also, my p day is still Monday, and I did not watch conference because we did not have a way in Lucas so everybody has to read it in the church magazines.  I think that is about all of the questions you had.  I am living with one other companionship but in Cuiaba there are about 6 in my zone, the Cuiaba zone.  There are 2 stakes here, but I do not know how many wards.  We do not have a temple here.  The closest is near sao Paulo about 2 or 3 days by bus depending.  I do not know where the chapel is still, but i think that we live close to it.  The mission office is still a little ways away, but much closer.  This will be my good bye message for the week.  I want to let you know that I am grateful for both you and dad.  I know that my heavenly Father expects a lot      from me because I have been taught by goodly parents who have tasted of the fruit and called         me to come and partake.  I know that much is required because I do not doubt that my parents     know of Christ and his gospel and plan.  I am so thankful for my family and the power that they      love you.  Tchau for now and have a great week.

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