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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 32 Letter

Monday, October 10, 2011
Hey everyone! 
Well, first week of the transfer felt more like a first day.  My area is in Cuiaba, just a little outside of the city center.  It is called Marada da Serra.  Elder Aidukaitis and I are opening this area, and so we are started new.  We still do not know a lot of people here and are working hard to find people to teach.  We now have our feet firmly planted on the ground and we are loving the area.  It is a lot bigger than any of my other areas as far as people.  Tons of people and this area has tons of potential.  We are both really excited.  Also, I already know that Elder Aidukaitis is going to be one of my favorite companions.  He is a go getter and he has desires to work and serve.  We were already good friends so it is great working with him.  We are also really working on the little things this transfer that will help us be better missionaries.  We are going to try new things and do a lot of experimenting to see what works and what doesn´t.  I know that I am going to grow a lot as a missionary this transfer.  Anyways, this week we taught a lot, and we know that we will teach even more this week because we have learned the area and know more people and have more investigators.  This area is big, but we are going to try to focus our efforts in a couple of areas this transfer because it does not work to walk to one side of the area to the other every day.  We would do more walking than teaching and nobody likes that.  Also, we are living with the zone leaders, Elder Brandão and Elder Oakerman who are awesome.  They are great missionaries and great people.  They will help us grow as well.  My Portugues apparently has improved a lot.  It is hard to tell at this point in the mission if I am improving.  I could already say just about anything that I wanted.  It is just a matter of losing the American accent and picking up some Brazilian accent.  But, with a switch of transfer, everybody comments on how your Portuguese is.  This transfer everybody in the area has been amazed and comments that my Portuguese is great.  It is funny though because if I do not say anything other than the usual yes, good morning, how are you, people think I am Brazilian, and Elder Aidukaitis looks more American than I do, so it is funny.  The other day we did a contact with somebody from Mexico who was new to Brazil and so asked me if I spoke Spanish and if I was from Mexico.  Funny that I understood because she asked in Spanish because she does not speak Portuguese but I understood everything almost perfectly and I answered in Spanish/Portuguese but she understood.  Ha, just a little funny.  Anyways, everything here is great and I am super excited.  Wow, Cuiaba is super hot and it never cools down.  The nights keep in the 30 plus C and the days are burning hot.  Also, it has rained for about an hour every day, thunderstorms and everything, but only for an hour per day, and I swear that i am not kidding when I say that the rain is actually hot water.  The water from the faucet is always hot too.  Super hot here, so it is weird to hear that Shiloh has snow.  I am pretty sure that I would die in the snow right now because I am use to the hot.  Well, we will see when I get home from the Brazilian summer to the Spokane´s winter.  So, everything is great, and the work is better.  I am loving the area, the companion, and the people.  Not a lot of snakes or alligators, but there are a lot of stray dogs and lizards.  Hey, also, in Lucas after I left my ex companion found a dead alligator that an anaconda tried to eat but spit out.  Mom, it looks like your prayers have been answered as I was not there.  Anyway, I love all of you, and I cannot wait to hear from you all again next week.  Have a great week and until later
Elder Lee

I’ll answer your questions but before I forget, do you think that you could send another package to me...?  I am jealous of your weather.  It is burning here.  Man, it is hot.  I am sweating nonstop!  Anyways, I was just talking about hockey with my companion.  I miss sports, but I think that I am going to play some basketball today, which should subside my craving for sports.  It has been a while.  I need you to send me retainers for my teeth.  Dr Bates kept the impressions.  My upper retainer broke this week.
My mission president will leave when I have about 8 months left, so I will have two presidents in my mission.  I will try to take some picks this week for you.  I left my camera at the house today, but I promise to send more pics next week.  My package hasn’t come yet but I think that it should come anytime.  It may already be in the mission office.  If so, I should get it this week.  I think that I am there every Wednesday.  I am not actually in the office, but I am in the church building on the same block doing district meetings there.  So, i can run in and check.  Well, I gotta run, but I love you mom and have a great week.  I think that I might get the letter this week and the package so I will let you know next week if I got it.  Have a great week!  May the force be with you!

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