Elder Shane B Lee

Elder Shane B Lee

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Elder Shane Burnham Lee
Brazil Cuiaba Mission
Av. Hist. Rubens de Mendonca, 1731
Sala 10, Bairro: Consil
CSP: 78050-975 Cuiaba - MT

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 64

Saturday, May 12, 2012
Hey mom, I am trying to download Skype on this computer, but it has not been working so far.  I heard that there is a way to do web cam from Facebook.  Is that true?  If it is, maybe that would be better.  Do you know my username and password to Facebook?  Thanks.  I will try to call tonight, but I do not know if it will work because we have a mother s day activity tonight here in a little, and so I do not know if I will have time today.  If anything, feel free to give me a call at 065 9277 0237 tonight with the Brazil codes.  I am aloud to make a phone call really quick today to make sure that everything is alright for tomorrow.  I love you!

I ended up calling Shane.  It was so funny to hear him say hello in Portuguese.  I didn’t even know it was him.  I asked for Elder Lee and he said MOM!  It’s really you!  We got our details set up in a matter of minutes and said goodbye until Sunday.

Talking to Shane was amazing.  He is so cute and manly and engaged in the work and awesome.  He says the kids are all growing up without him and he is so sad his mission is coming to an end – he has almost 10 months left.  Crazy how he views time differently than us.  His Portuguese is so fast.  He sounds like he is speaking with a Chinese accent.  It is so cool to hear him.  He is doing wonderfully and doesn’t miss us in the sense that he wants to be a good missionary and he wants to accomplish everything in the next 10 months.  He is awesome!

Monday, May 14, 2012
As promised, I am writing to you all, although I really do not have much to say.  It seems like I talked and saw all of you just yesterday, haahahahaha.  So, now what... life is good still... I am here still... I am still thinking of what to say... alright, I thought of it... maybe...
It was awesome getting to see all of you.  You are all getting so big.  I feel that I am 18 and the same person, but all of you are getting older, cuter, and more talented every day.  So, I was really glad to be able to answer some of your questions about Brazil and about being a missionary.  It made me realize how much I love being her as a servant of the lord.  A lot of missionaries get homesick when they called, but you all made me want to enjoy it here while I have it, although I must admit that I would like you all here with me, hahaha.  I sure love all of you and you are all the greatest blessing that I have.  We will have to do some fun stuff when I get home.  Maybe a penguin night, lol.  (I do not think that I spelled that right though).  So, this week we are excited to get to work.  This week we have some possibilities for baptisms that we would like to happen.  This Sunday was hard because everybody was traveling, but they should all be back by wed, because the holiday season ends on wed and everybody has to return for work.  So, it should be a good week.  My companion is doing well.  He is awesome.  My district is doing well too.  There have been some complications, but this week I am excited to see them get some good results for their work.  I love being a missionary.  Boys, you will all love it.  The secret to missionary work is work.  Work, love, and being bold.  That is what I have found.  If you work, you will love, and if you love, it takes out all fear and you become bold.  That is when the mission becomes the most delicious thing to you.  It is good.  Well, I love all of you, and it was great talking to you all yesterday.  It will just be a little bit until I talk to all of you again at Christmas.  Time goes by so fast. Let's make the best of it.  I love you all!!!!!!            Love, Elder Lee

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