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Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 65 Letter

Monday, May 21, 2012
Hey, I sure miss Elder Santana.  He is the man.  I sure loved being his companion.  He was my closest companion.  We really were brothers.  It is amazing the bond that we had in three short months.  I sure hope that he is doing well.  I was able to talk to him on the phone sometimes when I was still in Ji Parana because he would call to Val and ask to talk to me.  It was fun.  I miss that.  He is writing in English well.  We did not talk a lot in English, but I think that it was because it was hard for me, hahaha.  So, this week was good.  We reactivated Natalia, who is the mom of the baby that I blessed.  They are getting ready to get married and after we will baptize the husband.  The marriage process here is a pain and you have to wait for a while, but I hope that I am still here when they get married.  Also, Rosa is ready to get married to so that she can get baptized, but the same thing, just waiting on the papers to get back.  Also, we met, taught, and brought Denner to church.  He is 17 and a really bright kid.  He loved church and he really felt the spirit and wants to get baptized.  He wants to get baptized this next Sunday, but we still have not met his mom so we are going to go and teach his parents this week.  Also, a new member moved from Rio to our ward and he is excited to baptize his family that is here.  We met his cousin who was at church and we are excited to teach him this week.  He has already been to church in the past.  It will be good.  Sadly, Jean was out of town all week and he was hoping to get back in time for church, but it did not work out.  I hope that he gets back into town this week.  He was at his sister's house.  So, that is our week.  Things are going well, and life is good.  I really do not know what else to write... oh yeah, I talk the gospel doctrine class this week because the normal teacher was sick. We learned about repentance.  It was good.  Sometimes, it amazes me still that I speak Portuguese.  The gift of tongues is amazing.  It is real and it is a lot of fun. :)  Well, I love all of you and I look forward to hearing from you again.  And mom and dad, good luck in Africa.  I really cannot wait to see the pics, take a lot. Love you all!!!!!!
Man Daniel and jet are good looking.  I cannot wait to meet them.  They look like they like each other.  It is so awesome.  I already love them like brothers.  Man, it is so unreal.  Jet is 1 and 4 months, right?  That is close to what I have on the mission.  How weird.  I cannot wait to play with them.  Good luck with the tooth.  I think that I should stop brushing and flossing.  Just kidding. Hahaha
I did get a message from tony.  He sounds like he is doing great and is more than ready to get off on a mission.  He is the man.  Here it is hot, although it is a little more chilly.  It is only 75 to 80 I think.  Really chill for here.  But, the cold days are about over and we are looking at another year of sun.
Well mom, I gotta go, but I love you and wish you a great week.  Tell everybody that I said hi and sent a hug.  Love you mommy!!!

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