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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 79 Letter

Monday, August 27, 2012
I am great!  This week was awesome.  We worked hard and smart to finish the transfer well.  This last Sunday was transfers and just about everything will stay the same in my zone, other than two missionaries who are already going home.  This week we baptized Nara (20), Isabela's cousin, 

and we baptized another young woman who we have been teaching this week named Isis (15).

  We have been teaching Isis' dad too, but he is needing to stop smoking to get baptized, but he is on the way.  These last two days he has only smoked 4 in total and he was smoking about 20 a day.  So, we are happy with him, but we are also sharing with him our vision of him being able to make a dead stop now so that he can enter into the gate with his daughter and start their way to becoming an eternal family.  Also, Elder Ertel, one of the missionaries that is going home, and I went to go and pick up an investigator of his to watch the baptism.  He was ready to get baptized as far as living his life correctly, but Elder Ertel told me that for some reason he would not commit to a date.  On the way I was able to talk with him.  I really let him talk for a while.  I just asked him about his life, what he was learning with the missionaries, and what he was thinking of all of it.  He told me everything.  Before this young man met the missionaries (his name is Cesar and he is 15) he did not believe in God, but he has seen his faith grow that there is a god and that his son is Jesus Christ the savior of the world.  Then we started talking about the Book of Mormon.  I explained the line of logic of how the Book of Mormon is the key stone to our religion, and that if he knows that it is true, Joseph was a prophet, and therefore the church is true, and therefore he knows that he needs to get baptized.  He has been reading it with his mom for that entire week and just not recognizing his answer.  I helped him realize that he had already received an answer through his feelings and the fact that through the Book of Mormon a miracle had happened in his life.  He has built a faith in God and Jesus Christ.  That is proof that the Book of Mormon is true.  He understood and committed to be baptized the next day; that was yesterday.  He was baptized and the mom is on the way.  It was awesome.  He is a great kid.  So, that was my week.  Everything is well, the transfer is already off to a good start, and the ward has become excited.  All is well.  I love you all and I will send pics for you to see of the baptism.  Of Cesar’s baptism, I do not have the pics because they are on another card that is not with me, but when I get it I will send the pics too. 
Love you all!!!!

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