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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 82 Letter

Monday, September 17, 2012
Hi everyone!!!  I just got done looking at the blog and I loved it.  I cannot believe how old you all are.  Happy Birthday Danny!  It looks like it was awesome.   I am excited to see you and your bike in person.  We will have fun.  I sure love all of you.  Levi, you are super buff dude.  We can play hockey when I get home, but I think that I will have to buy some roller blades first.  It will be fun though.  Danny, I am going to play soccer today.  I am practicing so that we can play together when I get back.  It will be fun.  I think that you will win though.  Well, I had a good week.  We taught a lot, we contacted a lot, and we found a lot of people to teach.  Sadly, Fernando who was going to get baptized Sunday had to work all day because of an emergency thing.  He works in electric stuff and for hotels and some hotel in Cuiaba were having some nasty problems so all of Saturday and Sunday he was working and I think that he is still there today, but we will remark his baptism.  He has stopped smoking and has given up coffee.  He is doing great and he will be a great member here.  Also, we have a bunch of other possibilities for baptisms this week. It should be good.  I am loving the work and I think that I am learning more and more every day.  Sadly, the weeks are still passing by super-fast, and there seems like there is never enough time to do everything that I would like to, but I guess that that is how life is.  We are working really hard though.  I am doing a lot of splits with the missionaries in my zone which is also good.  All of my recent baptisms here are all doing great and are all very involved in the church, the activities, and even the missionary work.  I think that it is funny.  A lot of the time, recent members and investigators are a bigger help than the strong members.  I think that it is because the truth is fresher to them and they see the need to share it with everybody.  I hope that I never take the gospel for granted.  I know that I did a little bit when I was at home.  It is such a force, a gift, a privilege, and it is great news that we need to share.  We know the truth.  We have at a witness.  We can be god's vessels in bringing about the salvation of many of his children.  I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, because it really is the power unto salvation.  I am so glad that I have been chosen to take this message to the people here and everybody that I contact during my life.  It is an honor and pleasure.  I love the work.  It is his work and his glory that can be brought about with our hands.  Let us go forth boldly and be a light unto all people.  What do we have to lose?  As Paul said, if god is with us, who can be against us?  I am firmly committed to be a righteous and wise servant and steward.  I know that god is with me, I know who I am, and I know that with his divine help and power, the weak things of this world can thrash the nations with his spirit.  What a promise, what a blessing.  We have been called to serve him.  Is there a better master?  His salary is life eternal.  The only other salary comes from being a servant to sin, which brings the salary of death and misery.  I am grateful that we can rejoice because we have the right to choose, to act, or to be acted upon.  To choose our master, because no man can serve them both.  To be spiritually minded is life eternal.  Let us serve him with all heart and mind, that we may gain our reward and fully enjoy our reward with those who we have helped lift, those souls whose value is great in the sight of god, our literal brothers and sisters of a divine creator and father.  I know that this gospel is true.  I know that God's work is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man.  I am thankful that I have been called to be an instrument in his hands to fulfill his plans and purposes.  I know that whom the Lord calls, he qualifies.  Good thing too  :).  I love you all!!!  Have a great week!
Elder Lee

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