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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 90 Letter

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi everyone!!!
Well, we had a good and busy week again.  We did not baptize, but we sure worked hard.  Gisele, the girl who was shot went to church and she is progressing steadily, although no sudden jumps.  She is liking it all though.  Yesterday we went to visit Aryane's family in the hospital because her grandma is sick and old and so the whole family has been there for the week and we went and paid a visit.  They really appreciated it.  Aryane's dad is really funny in his own way.  He loved that we came to visit and his first words were, hey Elder Lee, I really missed you, you piece of sh**.  When his wife insisted that he not talk like that, he excused himself by saying, hey, I really like this son of a b****.  It was really funny.  He is a really good down to earth guy.  I sure like him.  He said when all of this is over he wants to take us fishing.  He always promised that he is going to go to church a lot more when things calm down with his mom.  He loves that Aryane was baptized and that she is on a good path.  The mom is also very happy with her and with us.  A great family.  Jaiany's dad is warming up to us a lot too.  If all goes well he is going to come and play soccer with us.  I hope that he comes.  A lot of other stuff happened, but I am not remembering anything else.  It seems like the weeks blur and I cannot ever remember what was this week and what was last week or even two weeks ago.  Time on the mission does not exist.  We did meet a new family that we are going to teach.  This guy is really smart, legally married to his wife and has two smart sons who both speak English and have musical talent, which is hard to find in Brazil.  This man Silvio also has 6 different bibles, all a translation different.  We are going to really focus on the Book of Mormon.  I think that he is going to like it.  They are really active in their church, but smart people are attracted to the church because they recognize that the true church makes everything make sense.  We are going to teach them this week and maybe his older son, 18, will play soccer with us too.  We also meet two girls at church yesterday, a girlfriend of a member and her older sister.  They are 17 and 22 I think.  We are also going to teach them this week, although they are only really home on Saturday.  So, there is my week in an email.  I love you all, and I love hearing from you.  Thanks for your prayers and your love.  -Elder Lee

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