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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 91 Letter

Monday, November 19, 2012
Alright, to start answering questions... the t-shirts of Brazil are going to be a little hard.  The only shirt that you can get that will say Brazil is the Brazilian soccer shirts, uniforms.  For an official, it is 200 R$, or 100 dollars in American money, but that is to get the official that is really Nike.  The thing in Brazil is that there are a lot of false shirts and it is not against the law, so I can get some false jerseys for about 30 R$ or 15 dollars each, but the sizes will be hard to find.  I can try though.  The other thing is the nativity.  I will have to go to the mall to look, but I do not have any idea where I will find one.  And I am sure that it is not cheap, but because you are buying with dollars it cuts the price in half.  I will really have to look though.  Christmas is not what it is in the states here.  In Brazil Christmas might be big, but I am in the poorest capital of the country. It is pretty sad.  I will look though.  Transfers were yesterday and I lucked out because I will stay here with Elder Herrera and the next real transfer is at the end of the year.  My week was good.  I was hardly with my companion because of a bunch of divisions and stuff but I stayed in the area and worked hard.  All is well.  Gisele, the girl who got shot is doing awesome.  She would have been baptized yesterday but her family was traveling so we marked it for this Sunday, another great reason why I stayed here this transfer.  She has read almost all of the gospel principle manual, is in 2 Nephi in the b o m, and she is reading our heritage as well.  She is loving all of it.  She is awesome.  Sadly, one of the families that I am teaching had a car accident so he could not come to church, but he is remarked to come next week and I will pass in his house a few more times this week.  All is well.  Did that answer all of your questions?  Here is a question, where are you at mom with my college applications?  SO, do you need something from me?
Love you all – Elder Lee

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