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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 102 Letter

Monday, February 4, 2013
Hey, did you get an email of my flight plans?  If not, I can forward them to you.  I thought that I should make sure that you knew, a little late to think about it, but I am trying, hahaha.  So, how are you?  I am in Rondonopolis still.  I will work here until Saturday, were I will return to Cuiaba, Varzea Grande and hopefully baptize an investigator that I was teaching when I left and is marked to be baptized this Sunday, and asked that I baptize here.  I hope that all goes well.

Well, here is my week, we have been looking for new people to teach and trying to strengthen the people that we baptized here.  Also, we have been running behind inactive members.  It was a good week, and we talked to a million people on the street is seems like.  We even called some bus stops to repentance and baptism because Elder Nunes did not believe that I would.  It was good and fun.  The branch is taking in some exciting breaths of air, and the work is good.  We have some people on track for baptism, which is awesome.  Sadly, I will not be here in person.  All the same, it will be great.  Everybody is getting sad that I am getting close to leaving, and I feel the same way.  It is hard to say good bye, I guess that I never got use to it, but this comes as part of the mission.  The good news is that there will be a great reunion again, and that will be a blast.  This week we are already full of appointments, and the work will go on.  I am ending my mission just the way that I had always imagined.  I love this work.  I am sorry that this letter is short, but I really do not know what to say, and I will see you all soon anyways.  I love you all, and wish a great week. 
With love, Elder Lee

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