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Elder Shane B Lee

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 101 Letter

Monday, January 28, 2013
Well, here you go; my official letter for the week...
All is well.  We are working hard and we are excited.  This Sunday we had 3 new investigators at church that we will teach this week.  I am super excited.  Maybe one of them will get baptized before I leave.  This next Sunday will be my last in the area because the next on after I will be in Cuiaba I think.  My recent converts are great and growing.  This week my district picked up a new excitement as well.  They have been a little unexcited lately and thinking of how I could excite them again, I decided to do a fun Sunday activity.  We left with 40 pamphlets of the restoration and started doing power contacts on the street in the rain.  Pouring rain; it was fun and we started doing contacts using all kinds of techniques and fun lines.  It was fun and the district is super happy.  I am really going to miss this area and this people.  Well, I thought that this email was going to be longer, but I really cannot this of anything else to say.  I love being a missionary, and I still cannot believe that it is going to end.  I think that I am in denial, but I guess that that is a good thing.  I am focused and working harder than ever.  And smarter than ever too. Tony is going to love this work.  I love you all, and wish you a great week. 
Love Elder Lee

PS – I do not have my temple clothes.  I just brought my white pants to baptize, but I do not have them anymore, they disappeared after a baptism in Mapim, and I do not know who grabbed them from the bathroom.  My packet should be with the rest of my stuff, and I will need to buy knew pants.

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