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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week 99 Letter

Monday, January 14, 2013
What the heck?  What is it that TB does?  Does it have side effects?  If you have it, how do they get rid of it?  Is it just taking meds for a year?  What a mess, but I am sure that it will be alright.  I am sure that Dad had a great conference.  He is the man.  This week we had a good and busy week which resulted in Karina's baptism that happened on Saturday and her confirmation that happened yesterday.  I will send the pics.  Her mom and brother went.  Her brother Robert is 15 and he also went to church for the first time yesterday and really liked it.  We will start teaching him now.  So, it was a good week, although it was hard trying to teach some of our other investigators.  As far as finding people home we did not have any luck, but I felt good about this week all the same.  It has been three months since this branch has seen a baptism, and I think that we kind of gave another breath of life to the members here.  It was good, and we are expecting more.  I love the mission.  Anyways, that was my week, I cannot really think of anything else at the moment... it did rain all week, and we got super wet a few times, but it was fun and lousy at the same time.  It did clear up for the baptism though, which was a little disappointing because I was excited to baptize Karina in the rain, because the baptismal font is outside of the chapel/house. It is a normal font, but just outside.  It kind of looks like a big bath tub, lol.  It sure is nice living in a country that has the best medical treatments, huh?  Here people die from dangy all the time, that mosquito disease.  Two missionaries here in Rondonopolis have dangy right now, out of the 12, but nobody in my house.  I think that I might luck out and go the full two years without catching it.
Yeah, I think that that is what it is.  Anyways, I sent the pics.  Keep me posted, I will pray from here.  So, yeah, that is all that I can think of, so I hope that you like the pics.  I love you all!!!!
Elder Lee

She is almost 14, that is her mom, and the other is her 15 year old brother, big huh.  We already wrestled one time, lol, it was fun.  ;)

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