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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 19 Letter

July 11, 2011

Hey family!
Well, once again, I am lost for words on how to start.  This week was a great week.  A lot of the times missionaries tend to slack the last week of the transfer, but we stayed excited and decided to finish strong.  It was awesome.  I was on splits most of the week because the other companionship was starting to go into slack mode and Edler Melo (my companion and district leader) wanted the intensity up so I was on splits in my area making me the senior and he went with the other missionary in the other side of Sinop.  I love working hard and sadly, being the junior often times means that I cannot be in control of the work schedule, but this week for 5 of the days I was in charge and we worked like dogs.  It also showed.  Yesterday we baptized an 11 year old girl named Teinara.  She is awesome, but from the pics you will see that she is also really little.

She is living with her grandparents and 2 uncles.  Her grandma was baptized but has been inactive for years and really completely lost.  She has lived in Sinop for 2 years but nobody knew.  We found her by a miracle and invited her back to church and taught her as well.  She was afraid to come back, ashamed that she is not legally married to her husband and had left years ago.  With teachings, comfort, and love, we helped her become more than just excited about returning to church.  I returned with Elder Jordan twice, Elder Melo twice, and Elder Muniz once to teach Teinara and her uncles.  Also, the grandpa, who had never been to church, attended Sunday.  It was my job to stay with him for the three hours and help him feel the Spirit and enjoy church.  He loved it.  He is a pretty rough on the outside, but I found a marshmallow on the inside.  He cried when his granddaughter was baptized.  So did the grandma.  She tearfully thanked my for helping her granddaughter, herself, and her family.  It was ironically a humbling moment for me, because really I did not do anything but follow the Spirit who did all of the work.  Teinara asked me to baptize her and It was an incredible feeling.  Also, her dad was at church and he loved it as well and was very supportive.  We made plans to teach him and his wife (who he needs to marry still).  The wedding plans fell through because we had been given false information, but the couples are continuing to do the process.  Sunday night we received the call for transfers.  Elder Melo will stay in Sinop, and tonight I will jump on a bus, heartbroken, to go to Lucas and be with Elder J. Silva (Brazilian and only Portuguese).  I am excited, but it is really like leaving home again, but tied with the fact that I might not ever return.  It is really hard leaving the members, but especailly my investigators.  William is only needing one more interview with Pres Oliveira and he is sending papers.  He cried when he found out that I was leaving.  He said that he would drive to Lucas when he receives his call and open it with me.  He is the man and will be a great missionary.  Today I will say good bye to some people before I leave which will be good.  I knew that I would love the people, but I did not fully understand.  Now I know.  I really would give my life for them.  I am praying that my investigators stay firm in the gospel and hold fast to the rod which leads to that fruit of eternal happiness.  Their souls are so precious to me.  I am glad that Elder Melo is staying.  I am also afraid that someone will fall through the cracks with transfers, but having Elder Melo stay who know that people will help I am sure.
It sounds like everything is going well at home.  I love all of you.  Congrats to Katie again!  Also, I cannot wait to hear more about my two new brothers.  I am so excited!  Mom, you made it into the Sunday school lesson Sunday.  The sister teaching used you as an example of service, having 12 children and teaching and preparing them to serve in the church.  I really did not say anything to invite the example.  I want you to know that your influence and example is a live her in Brasil.  You are an inspiration to many members and investigators her.  I also want to thank you.  You are the best mom any young man can have.  I am hoping to live up the the lessons that I was taught in my home, by my goodly mother and father.  I love all of you, and will write you again next week from Lucas!
Until then, with love, Elder Lee.

These parrots are all over the place, although the big ones usually stay in the park area.  It is wierd because walking down the street you can hear them talking and signing.  Awesome, huh?

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