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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 17 Letter

June 28, 2011
Hey Family!
Well, what to report on this week. We did not have a baptism this Sunday which was sad because things fell through, although not because of lack of desire so I am looking forward to next Sunday. Right now my main investigators are a 12 boy Bruno and his dad, a brother and sister of a member friend (18 and 22 yrs), a family consisting of 2 kids and thier parents (although it is complicated because the dad is less interested and the wife has fear of seperation if she joins although she has the desire and has felt the spirit really strongly), the sister of Rachid (Iasmi), and a new family who we contacted and are friends with a member. I am really excited about all of them. High expectations for next week, although Brazilians are so laid back that appointments and commitments are often times forgotten. Dad, you are absolutely right about Sundays. I usually spend about an hour and a half calling people (which is also intense because Portuguese on the phone is way more difficult) and then I am always biting my lip in Sacrement meeting, hoping that my investigators are feeling the spirit, paying attention, and hoping that the new member is  giving the talk does not start to speak false doctrine. It is also the funnest day because it is awesome having investigators to church, recommitting them to baptism, church, and reading the Book of Mormon, and it is the day of baptizing. Next Sunday should be a baptizing Sunday. Anyways, What else is new. I stepped in a scale yesterday and it read 72,6 kilos, which is about 160 pounds. No, I am not fat, although I do not know if I am growing or not (as far as height). Also, sorry mom that my letters have been getting shorter. I have not noticed. I will try to not be so breif. Everything here is good. It was actually cold the last two days and we were wearing jackets (I think that it was in the 70´s). So, how are the Leed´s doing? And everyone else? Has jackson left yet? I am really excited for him. The MTC is a blast, and the field is unreal. I love being a missionary, and I am already dreading the day when dad will take my name tag off of my shirt. I am starting to miss some things, and the family is no exception, but it is not too bad, espeically when I am working. There is a quote in preach my gospel that says that the secret to work is work, and that when you are working, you will find that you will not have homesickness and other such things. It is true. When I am working, which is about all of the time, I do not have time to think about anything else. My Portugues is improving a ton! I can say just about anything that I want, although not always exactly what I want, and my understanding has doubled since my last email. It is amazing! I am dreaming in Portuguese full time, although 2 mights ago I dreamed in English, and as a result, I could not sleep. I am also thinking in Portugues. The other day, I was trying to talk in English to a member, and it was lousy. I was saying things the way that you would in Portuguese, and thinking in Portuguese. It is great! So, how are all of you? You all sound great! I am sure that you are all enjoying the summer. Time is flying, isn´t it? Well, have a great week, and I will write you all soon. Love you all, and tell everything that I said hi.
Love, Elder Lee.
Hey, sorry that I sent you my email a day late. Yesterday was complicated. I was working on becoming legal again because appearently I was missing a document that was suppose to be done in the MTC is Sao Poulo, but because I was only there for 4 days, they forgot or something. Then, I read my emails and typed my email to you and before I could send it, the computer crashed and so I sent it today. Technology in Brasil is not quite caught up to the united states. So, no worries mom, I am perfectly fine, and I still remember my promise to you that I will write to you every week. I love you mom, and I will write again soon.
Your son Elder Lee

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