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Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 21 Letter

July 25, 2011
(Answers to our e-mail conversation)
I am good, how are all of you doing?  I saw the blog already and it looks like you are having fun!
I think that I am about 2 and a half hours.  Lucas is quite a bit smaller.  I do not know if it is hotter or not, but there is not shade, so it feels like it.  At least once a week it gets up to 45 C and sometimes more.  Plenty warm.
Hey Ali and Levi!  I saw the picture Levi!  It was awesome.  Alison, good work, although enjoy the cool weather for me.  What I would not give for some 70s and 80s.  When I get back home to the 100 degree weather change I am sure that I am going to die!
Yep, just typing up the official letter to you.  Man, it is hard to think about the past week.  As a missionary everything is so fast, but there is so much going on, and you are so involved in the day that it is hard to think back on the week.  It seems like I just emailed you everything.
Yeah, but this stinking computer will not open my SD card.  I am needing to find a computer (of a member) so that I can manually open it and take the pics off and put them on a new SD card.  So, sorry again for not having any this week but next week I should be able to have all of this figured out.
I know.  I am going to see if I cannot send you some CDs with pics as well.  I have heard that they are easier and cheaper to send than an SD card and less risky for sure.  SD cards here are super expensive.  A 4 gb is about 40 dollars.  Craziness!  A TV here is about $1200 where in the US it would be $189.  Especially here is Lucas.  Everything is expensive because there is not any competition.

Hello everybody! 
So, everything is going well here.  We did not have any baptisms Sunday.  We did have a lady ready, but she decided Saturday that she did not feel ready and would not be baptized.  It was pretty hard, although we will try to continue to help her.  We did find a new family to teach last week.  They are awesome and committed to read the book of Mormon and pray about it.  The dad is a painter (like the guy on TV with a lot of hair).  He is amazing.  We gave him the lesson pamphlet of the 3rd lesson because he wants to paint a picture of the baptism of Christ and put it in his room.  They have 3 boys.  2 of the 3 are married (only 1 legally) and the other still has only 17 yrs.  We have not talked with the kids yet, but the parents are really awesome people so we are super excited about that.  Also, just yesterday we talked with our new neighbor who just moved in to Lucas to teach at the little college here.  He is single, 29, and originally from São Paulo.  He is really smart (perfect investigator) and even knows English.  He talks pretty well, although he can understand much better.  He has been studying and practicing with Americans for a long time.  I tried to explain about my family in English but it was really really hard.  I kept saying words in Portugues and because I was translating from Portuguese in my head I was speaking really formal.  Just imagine in 19 more months, right?  I do not think that I have a problem writing (yeah, I just replaced righting with writing, ironic) because I write in my journal every night in English, but speaking is different.  It has been 3 months since I have had a conversation in English.  I hear English from other missionaries, but I always speak in Portuguese.  Anyways, he is great, really nice guy, and we will start teaching him as well.  Yesterday I blessed the sacrament at church, taught the primary about temples, and later in the evening taught at a fire side about being a member missionary.  I taught about 2 responsibilities as members.  First, to help new members.  New members need three things, 1. a friend  2. a responsibility  and 3. the good word of God.  Second, members have the responsibility to invite members not of our faith.  I used Romans 1:16 and taught that we will be held accountable.  I also quoted the one sentence starter of religious conversation from my dad, `Eu gosto de minha igreja´ or in English `I like my church´.  It went really well.  Elder J Silva and I are getting along really well.  We teach great together and we are working.  As the junior companion I am trying to keep him excited and help him catch a vision of what we can do.  So, what else is new... we have been visiting less active members and helping them remember their conversion stories, which has been fun and we have already seen the fruits.  This Sunday we have 4 people return to church.  Well, I am running out of things to say... That just about sums everything up for this week.  I am really excited for this next week.  Thank you all for your prayers and emails, and have a great week.  Love you all.  Tchau!
Elder Lee

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