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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week 22 Letter

August 1, 2011
I am good.  So, how are all of you?  I am reading the emails right now

Hey family!
It sounds like everything is going well!  Everything is going well here in Lucas Rio Verde as well.  The branch when I arrived was pretty weak, but it is strengthening every day.  I am learning to work with members and help strengthen a branch, although personally, I like teaching investigators more, although we are doing that as well.  Sadly, we did not baptize Leonardo yesterday.  We had marked the date, did the interview, and they were all excited.  The next day (Sunday) I went to their house with a member (splits) and the mom informed me that the dad was talking to a friend that goes to the Assembly of God church and is confused and does not want his son to be baptized.  The Assembly church hates our church (why I do not know).  Complicated.  I asked to speak with him but he had left because he wanted to avoid speaking with us.  Really complicated.  I will let you know how things turn out next week.  We did have an inactive member co0me to church with her 9 year old daughter.  The mom Cleide was baptized with 8 years but had not been to church for a really long time.  She had forgotten everything, but we retaught her and her daughter.  We have a date to baptize the daughter next Sunday after we finish teaching everything.  She wanted to be baptized yesterday.  She is really smart, loves reading the pamphlets and is reading the B of M.  It is hard to catch the dad home.  He is an alcoholic but is trying to stop already.  We will try to teach him this week.  So, everything is good here.  We are working and teaching.  I hope that my Portuguese is improving.  It is really hard to tell, but I can understand more and people can understand me, so I think that that is a good sign.  I gave a talk in church yesterday and had given a lesson at a fireside that we had this last week.  I have been studying principles in the true to the faith book (Portuguese) and it is helping me a lot.  I know that gospel, but I am having to relearn principles in Portuguese, if you understand what I mean.  I am finding new ways to teach and explain things, and am learning a lot.  That is all that I think of right now.  I do not know if I have told you or not, but I have an ingrown toenail.  I cut it down, but I do not think that I got all of it, but the problem now is that my toe opened up a little bit, and now I am pretty sure that it is infected with stuff.  Welcome to Brazil, right.  I have been using alcohol and antibiotic ointment to clean it, but it is just getting worse, and it is hard to sleep at night, but I can still walk and work just fine.  I think that I will go to a doc this week and have it looked at.  Hopeful I have all 10 toes when you see me again, but I am not too worried.  So, everything is mostly good and the work is keeping us busy, so until next week,  Tchau minha familia!
Elder Lee

The weather is hot.  Every week has days that get over 40 degrees C.  Honestly, I have only seen rain twice on my mission, never here in Lucas.  I am ready for some rain and maybe even a cool day, hahaha...

Yeah, every week there is at least one day that hit 45 C (113 F) and the other days are all in the one hundreds or close.  Crazy, right?

Perfect timing, I am off as well, so until next time.  Love you all!

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