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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 24 Letter

August 15, 2011
Hey family!
So, no worries, everything is fine.  Sorry that I am writing late.  We had an appointment this afternoon because it is the only time that he is home.  His name is Gean.  He is 19 and he has been taught by missionaries 2 years ago but was never baptized.  We found him and have been reminding him of everything the missionaries had said.  We have also been helping him with some small problems.  Cool story though.  This Sunday we had made an appointment to pick him up for church but he was not there so I took a young man during the middle of church and we went to his house because I felt like I should.  We got there and he was sitting outside of the house.  I talked with him for a little bit about his week and all of that then said `Oi, vamos para igreja cara´ or in English hey, let’s go to church man.  He asked if I was serious and what time church starts.  I said, yeah, why not.  We can make it in time for the 11 00 meeting (we have sacrament meeting last).  I told him to grab a shirt and go.  He did and it was great because he loved sacrament meeting and felt the spirit.  I have never seen a 19 yr old pay as close attention as he did.  Afterwards we taught him in the church building.  Great lesson and I picked up that he really liked the idea that God has a plan for him, so I taught everything around that and Elder J Silva noticed as well and kept it going.  We also had a 20 yr old member there teaching with us.  I marked a baptism date with him for this Wed and the interview for Tues.  He is really excited and when I asked if he wanted to be baptized this wed he responded, con certeza (of course!).  It was great.  Anyways, that is because I have not emailed yet.  Everything is good here and the work is going better.  I do not have a lot of time, but I read all of the emails from Mom, Dad, Tony, Shauna, Katie, and Shiloh.  I love all of you and thanks so much for the emails!!!  (P.S. Tony, high adventure sounds sweet but I hope that mom did not read you email to me hahaha)  I love all of you!  Dad, I am so glad to hear that the Orton´s are doing well!!!  Good for them!  I love hearing stories like this.  The worth of souls is great in the sight of God and being on my mission has helped me catch a glimpse of what he is seeing.  Everyone is so important to me.  Anyways, I have gotta get an email to the Pres and run for another appointment with a family in a little bit, but I love you all and cannot wait to hear from you again.  Love your brother, son, or some random guy on the street that comes across my blog, Elder Lee

Me on e-mail - I love you.  Did you see the blog?  How is your toe?

Shane - Did not see the blog this week and I did a surgery on my toe and it is getting better although it is swollen up pretty bad.  I will try to send pics.  Also, I am sleeping better.  Last night was the first night that I had slept good in a while.  Anyway, all is well.

Me - Are you sure your toe is okay?  What kind of surgery?  What did they do?  Were you in a hospital?  Holy cow.

Shane - Yeah, everything is fine.  It was infected because everything gets infected in Brasil, but I had already killed the infection by the surgery with antibiotic ointment and alcohol (I cannot spell) so the surgery was just clipping the nail, but it was bad so that had to cut the toe and clip it all the way to the root.  They gave me anesthetic so I could not feel anything.  The doctor thought that I was weird because I wanted to watch but then again, I am American so he understood.  After the surgery it felt fine until the anesthetic wore off and then it hurt pretty bad, but it is feeling better now.  I was in a private doctor’s office.   Here are some pics.  I still have not fixed my other card, but these pics were with a different card.  Thanks for buying the thumb drive for me.  It will help.  No worries about the toe, Koli Poki had it way worse with the rats.

Me - Are you kidding me?  I just about threw up!  I can't believe you would do that to me!  You are a punk! ---------------------------- Those are fake right???????!!!!!! - You better reply

Shane -  No, really, all true, but it is looking better now.  Sadly, the doctor’s office in Brasil is a little different than in the United States.  I was basically handing him the tools :)  But really, no worries.

Me - Holy cow.  I am soooo worried about you.  I know, I'm stupid, but I can't stand that I don't have any control over that kind of stuff.  And don't tell Tony, but I did read his e-mail and I wish I hadn't.  I could strangle him!!!  Why must you all be so daring?!  I love you!

Shane - Really, no worries.  Besides, we both know that you never really had control over things like this when I was home lol.  Lucky for you, your son is not a wussy!  I don´t care what Dallas says :)  I read the blog.  It was cute and I miss my three little men.  Sounds like fun at home.  I cannot believe that you are all getting ready for the school year already.  Does Levi go to school this year?

Me - No he is home one more year.  I will have Levi, Jet and Daniel (for part of the year) home this school year.

Shane - Oh good, this will keep Levi younger while I am gone.  Anyways, I gotta run, but I love you mommy and can´t wait to write to you again.  Take care of my siblings and dad for me.  The way times goes here, I will talk to you in what feels like a second.  Until next week...  I LOVE YOU!!!

Me – I hope you’re really are alright!  We love you!

Shane - Hey, stories for when I get home.  Your little baby is okay though.  Besides, you should see my finger.....just kidding!

Me – What?????????????????????

Shane - Love you and until next week!

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  1. Dear Lee family,
    I was just googling Cuiaba Brazil when your blog sight came up. I was very intrigued so read thru a few letters. I hope you don't mind. My husband and I will be the new Mission President for the Cuiaba Mission. My email is ks.reber@gmail.com if you want to email. I really don't want to talk on facebook. Sounds like your son is really enjoying his mission.
    That is really great! Sister Reber