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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 36 Letter

Monday, November 7, 2011
Hello Family,
So, this week was great and I am excited to start another great week.  This week I had the opportunity to baptize Waldo (Valdo is how you say it) and he is awesome.  He also has a really cool story.  On morning, I and another 3 missionaries were waiting to take a bus to the center for a district meeting when he approached us and asked for an Elder Lee, an American missionary.  I stood up from the bench and introduced myself, and asked how I could help him.  He introduced himself as a historian and professor in the University that we have here in Cuiaba and said that somebody told him of an Elder Lee that has a material that teaches about the natives of Cuiaba, and that he was interested because he is currently working on a project of the history of Cuiaba.  (I do not know who mentioned my name to him, but I think that it was probably a contact that I did on the bus or something).  I smiled as I saw the opportunity to teach a new investigator and told him that I indeed do have this material and that I would like to present it and introduce it to him in his home were we would have more time to discuss everything.  He accepted my offer, gave me his address, and asked if I would be willing to do an interview with him on his television program that runs for an hour 4 days a week.  I told him to wait to hear what I had to say about my so called material and afterwards we would discuss doing an interview.  He seemed content and jumped on his bus to go to the university.  I returned my attention to the other missionaries who were all laughing at what had occurred.  I must admit that it would seem rather humorous.  Anyways. I found his house that night to pay the promised visit.  I was doing a teaching division with Elder De Abriu, a Brazilian missionary that is 3 months into his mission.  We found his house and Waldo eagerly invited us in.  After discussing his day I asked him, so, what is it exactly that you are expecting of us tonight.  Once again he talked about this material and his project in which he is involved.  I once again confirmed that I do have this so called material, and that it is a book, but I said, Waldo, you must understand that I know that this book is true, and this book really does contain the history of the natives of brazil, and the America in general, but you should also understand that nobody can prove this book false and I will not try to prove that it is true.  This book is a volume of scripture that can only be appreciated if read from a spiritual point of view, and the truthfulness of this book can only be revealed by the power of God.  Waldo understood well, and from this point everything changed.  Waldo became much more interested in his spiritual wellbeing than his project that had previously consumed in expectations of us.  We taught a powerful lesson of the restoration of the gospel and church of Jesus Christ.  I remember that towards the close of the lesson he asked, so Elder Lee, you are saying that this is the only true church on the earth today, and only this church truly has the power and authority of God?  I felt the Spirit speak through me as I replied, Yes brother Waldo, that is exactly what we are saying.  Now that you understand our message to the world, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ in being baptized by his authority that is once again on the earth?  He firmly and quickly responded, yes, I will, and again after moment, yes, I will be baptized.  It was so awesome.  I continued to visit him again and again, ironically always on a split with an elder from a different area.  I found that he had been prepared.  He was living the commandments, he was ready to hear our message, and he was excited to join Christ´s church on the earth.  He is so awesome.  His baptism this Sunday was really cool, and he said that he felt so good. 

He is also really excited to work.  He told me the other day, I know that I am older (he is 49 buts looks like he could be under 40) but I want to work.  He also wants all of the books of the church because he wants to study and learn.  He will be a great help to the word.  I am going to talk with the bishop to put him to work.  Anyways, it was really awesome teaching him, and I am excited for him to be confirmed this Sunday.  So, that was for sure the highlight of the week.  Also, we are teaching many others and helping reactivate members that have been lost in the crowd.  This Sunday we had a full house that went into the overflow.  We had 5 investigators and at least 10 less actives from my area.  I was so happy to see everybody there.  The ward is becoming very excited about the missionary effort.  This Sunday is as of right now already promising to be even better.  That catches you up with me, so until next time.  I love all of you and I am so thankful for your prayers and your letters.  Have a great week!
Com amor, Elder Lee

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