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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 38 Letter

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Alright, I am here in Ji Parana but it was complicated getting here.  The secretaries, other missionaries assigned to be secretaries got us a flight to Ji Parana because it is super far away.  So that they did not tell us anything and left us without a cell, and what they did tell us was wrong.  They said that the flight was taking off at 9 30 to 10 but it left before 9 00 and so we missed it and then we ended up taking a bus that night, which was really 2 00 in the morning but the bus did not arrive until 4 00 in the morning and we traveled to Ji Parana which is over 20 hours of bus time.  We arrived the next night at about midnight or a little later.  Still, we are without a cell which is complicated and also with limited money because Elder Santana left his wallet with his money and card in Cuiaba.  So, that is the story.  Yesterday we could not enter the email site or any site of the church which was weird.  It looked like it was all closed down, so this is why we are emailing now, although we have very limited time because we are running to a family home evening of the branch here.  Right now, by the way is 6 30 pm.  The hour changed here because we moved states and they go of the time in Brasilia I think.  So, there it is in a paragraph.
I could not watch the video you sent because we are using a computer of a member and it is really slow.  I am in an apartment here and Elder Santana and I are the only ones here which means that we have a lot of area to cover which means we have to walk a lot.  Elder Santana served here a year and 2 months ago, so he already knows some of the members but with investigators we are starting over, but we are excited and the members are excited that missionaries are returning.  We are working really hard for a baptism this week.  We already have some possibilities, but we have not closed anything yet.  We are still trying to contact people and have not had a lot of luck.  Anyway, Friday the missionaries in Matto Grosso, the state (one of the three states in my mission) had a special meeting with Elder Bednar which was awesome.  I loved it and learned a lot.  He is an apostle of Jesus Christ.  It was so cool and he is a great teacher and he says it as it is.  It was awesome.
Well, I am off, so that is it until next week. But I love you and wish you a great week.  Love you mom!!!
Elder Lee

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