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Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 37 Letter

Monday, November 14, 2011
Hey family, 
Another week has flown by and this week took the rest of this transfer with it.  I think that this transfer was the fasted transfer of the mission for me.  We had a great transfer.  This week we worked hard, but a lot of the work happened outside of the area trying to help other missionaries that were not having the successes that we have been having.  We did have a baptism marked for this Sunday, but it fell through because Rudolf has not talked to his mom yet who lives in Spain.  We will help him this week.  I am not completely convinced that this is the only problem, but we will see.  This Sunday we had 3 investigators but also a lot of less actives and recent converts that have fell off the wagon a little bit.  Also, this Sunday Waldo was confirmed which was awesome.  He is doing great.  What else happened this week... we have started teaching a lot of new people and therefore I am really excited that I get to stay in the area for one more week to work with them some more.  The other day we were teaching a 19 year old girl in the house of a member that we reactivated and she said, hey, have you ever stopped and just thought to yourself, what church is really the true church?  It was awesome.  We are going to teach her some more tomorrow. She lives with her mom and 2 brothers so we are also excited to get to know them.  Wow, this letter was really short, but that really is all that I can think of at the moment.  I am really excited to learn from elder Bednar this week.  He is going to do a night with married couples, single adults, missionaries, and everyone.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Friday will be a special meeting with the missionaries and so I am really excited for that.  We are also doing a lot of inviting of investigators and less actives because this is a perfect opportunity to get them back to church.  The church is growing rapidly here in my mission, but especially in Cuiaba this last month.  They have had a lot of baptisms and less actives returning to church.  It is awesome to have had the opportunity to work here, but I am really excited about my new area too.  It is way north, close to the amazons and it looks like a large city which means more people which I think is good.  Also there is a river, which means crocs, and maybe on p-day we will do a little fishing.  That will be fun.  So, that is my week in a letter, but I love all of you and hope that you all have a great week with Shiloh and Addy, and the next is bound to be good with Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all of you!!!  I love you all.
Elder Lee
P.S. the other day I convinced somebody that I was in the FBI and this was why I could not reveal my first name, and for evidence I showed the scar on my arm and said that I could tell the details.  Everybody believed me because apparently anything is possible; they are talking to an American. Hahaha

PS - We did get our transfer calls last night.  I am being shipped out and my companion is staying here.  I am going to serve in an area way north, more north than my first area Sino.  It is called Ji Paraná.  I think that you will be able to find it on the internet.  My companion will be Elder Santanás, whom I have never met before, but I here that he is a great guy, but he has hit a point on his mission where he is unexcited and not working well and frustrated.  I am excited to help him.  I know that I am ready to be the senior companion right now, and my leaders in the district and zone told me that they really though that I would be this transfer, but I feel like I am needed to help this missionary.  I am also really excited about the area because it has a lot of natives to Brazil and we will be reopening this area after it has been closed for a long time and so it should be awesome.  We will start with nothing but the Lord will provide for us.  As for this week, President promised me that I would be able to go to the stake meeting with Elder Bednar so I am staying here in Morada da Serra in Cuiaba for this week and I will go to my other area next week.  I am excited to have another week here to work some more with some people that I have been helping and preparing for baptism.

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