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Elder Shane B Lee

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 42 Letter

Monday, December 19, 2011
hey mom, 
sorry that I left but we had to go to lunch.  I will look at the skype account and get everything figured out.  I have permission to email and even call you if nessecary saterday to make sure that everything is ready.  So, saterday, keep an eye on the email and I will give you an update with a number and everything.  I will skype from a house of a member because it us sunday so president does not want in us a lan house.  Anyways, this week was good although one of our marked baptisms had to do an emergency move out of the city and the other was out of town because of a family crises.  Satan works hard but everything will work out.  This week we are excited to baptize on christmas day.  So today has been a great p day.  Some members of the branch all pitched in money to rent a trampoline, my idea, and we are having a good time.  We even have some investigators here so it is super awesome.  I am missiing tony though, I have to say.  We would do some pretty sick stuff man.  Anyways, I forget what I have told you because the transfer has been pretty crazy busy, but this transfer we baptized Douglas, Davylla, Mateus, and Stephenie.  It has been awesome, and we are ready to baptize some more this week.  I am so excited.  Also, the president is really excited about our work in the reopening area and has some exciting goals and plans.  Elder Santana is doing great and is finishing the mission strong.  We are super good friends.  I think that he is my best friend of all of my companions.  He is awesome and will be a great returned missionary.  Also, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday mom.  I know that it is late, but all the same, I though of you and I am realizing more and more everyday just how blessed I am to have you for my mom.  There are only 11 other people in this world that has a mom like you.  Thank you for everything that you did for me and everything that you are doing.  If I could give you one thing on you birthday, it would me my love and the knowledge that you work is being carried on here in Brazil.  As much as I prepared for my mission, the preperation that is making the most difference is the preperation that you invested in me.  I love you mom, and I am so thankful that you love me.  When I think of you, I remember the words of Paul in the last two verses of Romans 8 when he was explaining the love of our Heavenly Father and his Beloved Son.  I could feel that love every time that I looked into you eyes and I can still feel that love everytime I read your letters. Thank you so much mommy and Happy Birthday from your indebted son, Elder Shane Burnham Lee.

PS  I gotta go already because we are doing a fhe here with some members and investigators.  I am excited.  So, sorry about the crazyness, and I really will do better the next transfer with writing.  It is just that we have already lost two weeks of the transfer because of the meeting with elder bednar and the conference in cuiaba.  I will write saterday and I will have everything figured out already.  Thank you so much mom for you patience and I really love you.

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  1. Nice to see other Americans in the city. Cuiaba is not a city often visited by foreigners.