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Elder Shane B Lee

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week 43 Letter

Monday, December 26, 2011
Hey family, thanks for the email.  Well, first things first.  The pudding... it was Cameron, no just kidding.  I did eat some of the pudding.  I was always meaning to repent about that before my mission, but I kinda forgot, but while I am repenting, I think that you probably found some root beer cans too.  Wow, long time ago.  So I repent for the pudding but as far as the root beer, I am not sure that I have repented fully because in my condition now, I think that I would take some more... I miss root beer man!  It was so great to talk with you all yesterday.  I still cannot believe that I was talking with an accent.  I hear all the other Americans talking with an accent, but I thought that I was still talking normal.  Sorry if it was painful.  I will try to train a little but for mother´s day, which is already coming up.  Time is so fast on the mission.  So, I hope that you all have a great Christmas today.  Oh yeah, also, as far as the transfers go, Elder Santana and I are staying in Ji-Parana together.  This will be his last transfer, so as we say in the mission, he is dying.  It is hard to kill a missionary, but I will try my best to help him leave the mission on a strong note and to learn as well what it is that I should learn.  I am learning so much every day.  I am really happy to stay in the area because we are teaching some really great people and I always hate leaving the area.  Maybe I will luck out and stay another after this because my companion will go home and I do not think that President will want to put two new missionaries in the area alone that do not know the area, the people, the members, or anything.  So, maybe I will luck out and stay a little longer because I loving it.  If not, my next area will become my next favorite area.  it has been this way since the beginning.  Tony, how much do you weigh?  You were looking ripped out of you mind man.   So, all in all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.  I love you all and I am so glad that we were able to talk yesterday.  You are all so good looking and grown up.  I love all of you and have a great week!  Love Elder Lee
PS I am sending some pics to you.  I will try to take them more often mom, because I know that you like to see them.  I love you!!

Davylla was baptized two weeks ago.
Kids in the Branch
Mateus and Stephenie were also baptized two weeks ago.

The branch rented this trampoline and Shane is teaching Elder Santana to do a flip

The Mango tree by the trampoline
That's Shane's hand in the mango tree
Davylla's family

PS answers to your questions –
135 is big for tony.  I weigh 70 kilos.  I don’t know what that is in pounds.  (mom’s edit – 70 kilos is 154 pounds)   I think I must be getting fat because all my clothes still fit so I must not be growing taller.  (another of mom’s edits – if his clothes still fit, he is still a 30 and he is putting on muscle as you can see in his pics)  The family I was with to skype you is a nice family but not exactly humble.  they are rich for brasil and the wife has had a problem running members out of the church and getting in the way of baptism, but she has been better.  At lunch one time I shared a message about milk and meat, and I built her up and at the same time taught how she, as ready and prepared as she is, cannot give meat to babies in the church.  They really are a nice family though and are always nice to us.  She likes me a lot and wants her daughter to marry me.  I think that it is just because    she thinks that we are rich though.  But  no worries.  From time to time girls ask me if I could return and marry a brazilian and my answer is that I could never marry somebody that I met on the mission because if would be too weird.  that is so tight about the air soft guns!  Brazilians think that we a crazy because we like stuff like this,    hahaha.  You will have to have one waiting for me next christmas for when I get home and jump in the front lines. Lol  And of course I remember ms martin.  I was the first to have her in the family.  She was my second grade       teacher.  I sure love her.  She was awesome.  Tell her that I said hi and wish her happy             holidays.  I gotta go, but I love all of you and have a great christmas and new year!!!!

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  1. Lisa - you tell Shane that I've seen The Other Side of Heaven. He may NOT go on any picnics with that lady's daughter!! ;)