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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 53 Letter

Monday, February 27, 2012
What an adventure!!!  Daniel does sound like a Lee boy.  I cannot wait to meet him.  I am kind of sad that I will not be home when he arrives, but I know that he will be well taken care of by his other big brothers.  I am also grateful that Jet will recieve the help that he needs.  Little do they know they are receiving the best parents in the world.  I believe that they were promised in the pre earth life that they would be a part of our family.  I already feel a brotherly bond with them because of this knowledge.  They are Lee boys.  I cannot wait to meet them. 
Anyways, as far as my week goes, I am kind of lost for words of what to say and report.  We have been teaching a lot, trying to teach new people, but so far we have not marked another baptismal date.  I am really trying to think of what I can do better to mark more dates.  On the other hand, this month we reactivated two men, and are trying to help them get married so that the wives can baptize.  Also, we are teaching a mother of a young woman who knows the church is true and wants to get baptized eventually, but for some reason does not want to get baptized know.  I recently discovered that she smokes and I think that this is because she is hesitant.  Of course she would like to stop smoking, everybody who smokes wants to stop, but maybe she does not think that she can and because she knows that it’s wrong to smoke, she does not feel like she can prepare to be baptized.  This week we will try to remove the problem and help her stop smoking and drinking.  She is awesome though and she likes me a lot.  José is doing well.  He is attending the church, reading the book of Mormon, and attending church activities.  We marked his baptism for the 15th of March because it is the birthday of his daughter Davyla, who I baptized and he wants to make her birthday special.  So, we will continue to teach and help him prepare to be baptized on this date.  He is really doing well, and we are trying to help him get immigrated into the branch with the other men.  It is going well.  He will be a great help to this branch.  Also, yesterday Elder Alves and I met with 2 women who are in a college course and they came to the church building to take a tour which we gave them and to ask some questions.  Afterwards, they invited us to do a 1 hour presentation of our religion and answer questions that the college students and professors might have.  This will happen on the 13th of March.  I am really excited.  We will bring Book of Mormon pass along cards and give them to the 100 people that are expected to be there.  Talk about a test of one’s language skills.  I am excited to explain what separates our church from all others.  It was fun to think about that yesterday.  Our church is guided by revelation from living prophets that hold Gods sacred priesthood to act in the name of Christ.  In other words, we can really sway that Christ is at the head of our church.  This is different than any other church.  Anyways, I gotta go, but I love all of you and wish you a great week.  PS, have a great trip mom and dad and return safely.  
Love Elder Lee!

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