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Elder Shane B Lee

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 54 Letter

Monday, March 5, 2012
Hey, here are my answers.  Sorry that I have to be brief.  I am in the mission office in Cuiaba because tomorrow we have a zone conference.  There are a lot of missionaries waiting to use a computer so we are all just writing briefly, but I do want you all to know that I love all of you and that we had a great week this week.  Sunday we had 8 investigators at church and 3 less actives.  We already have a baptism marked for this next Sunday.  Her name is Mariana and she has 23 years.  Also, we are still working with José and he is excited to be baptized on the 15th.  He is reading the Book of Mormon every day and is also saying his morning and evening prayers every day.  He is doing great.  He is going to be a great help in Ji-Paraná.  So, that is my week really fast for you all.  Elder Alves is doing well and he is becoming more excited about the work, although he is still anxious to get home.  He is only 3 months away from the 2 year mark.  Anyway, all is well and I love you all.  Also, sorry Shauna that I do not have a lot of time, but I would like you to know that I did not forget about your b. day.  Wow, 19 years already.  I cannot believe it.  I could not wrap my mind around the fact that you turned 19 and not 18.  It was kind of weird to think about it and do the math.  Not only did I realize that you are 19 now, but I also realized that I am 20 and that Tony will be 18.  Wow it is weird.  Anyways, have a great week and I love you all. 
Elder Lee

Hello Shane,
I have a favor to ask of you.  I am teaching a class Saturday, one week from today, on preparing your children for the teenage years.  I was wondering if you could take a minute and answer these few questions for me.  Just hit forward on this email and you will be able to answer the questions in the body of the email.  I love you and I will write later about our trip.   -Mom

1.  What did your parents do to prepare you for turning 12 or 13?  Give a few specific examples.

I think that they best thing that they did for me is they gave me a little more rope, but still kept hold of the other end.  For example, often times my parents told me, OK Shane, who have the right to choose, as long as you choose correctly.  This may seem like a pointless liberty, but when I chose correctly, I felt like it really was my choice.  I learned to choose the right, and I learned of the satisfaction that comes from choosing well.
2.  What did your parents do to help you learn about finances to help you when you started working?
Easy, they taught me to always put away 10% for tithing first thing, and always save at least 50% of my earnings for my mission.  This taught me to always put the Lord first and I gained a testimony of the blessings that come afterwards.  Also, the ever important principles were taught to me: 1 Live on less than you make and 2 you can have anything that you want, but you cannot have everything that you want.
3.  What did your parents do to help you prepare to make spiritual decisions in your teenage years?

We always had family study, family home evening, and family prayer.  Simple things that make a difference.  Also, they taught me that I needed to have my own personal spiritual experiences.  This changed everything in my teenage years.  Above all, they taught with love.  This lead to a relationship of trust and confidence.  I could tell them everything because I knew well what they wanted for me.
4.  What did your parents do to help prepare you for a mission?   Give a few specific things.
Preparation for mission involves spiritual preparation, financial preparation, physical perpetration, and mental perpetration.  My parents helped me by giving me responsibilities in the home, teaching me to care for myself both physically and spiritually, teaching me to be self-reliant, sharing their confidence that they have in me, and always letting me know that they expected that I make the right choices for myself and that I would one day serve a mission.  I never felt that they were worried that I would not serve a mission or that I would not be able to serve a mission.  When I left, I felt ready, and I knew that they felt that I was ready.

I love my parents, and I am thankful for everything that they did for me.  Good parenting is a lot of work, and it is hard, but the blessings that come from good parenting and the joy that follows are worth every ounce of work that is donated.  The family can be eternal, and parents are responsible for teaching and caring for the children.  I know that my parents have raised me in a way that I know who I am, I know gods plan for me, and I know that I can make it to live with him again with the rest of my family.  If I fall short of exaltation, I know that it is a fault on my part, not in the part of my parents or the part of my savior.  I have been born of goodly parents.  This is my testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
PS Sorry for my lousy English.  :)

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