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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 61 Letter

Monday, April 23, 2012
Hello family!
So, I did go to the dentist, and I got the right price, but it was a nasty fight.  The dentists are not exactly what they are in the US.  So, first I went to three dentists and they all wanted to do a root canal, but they were talking about doing it over longer periods of time.  One even wanted to do a seven month process.  So, none of them worked out.  For sure they just wanted more money.  Anyways, I was talking to members about good dentists and one member had the number and called for me but the secretary would not let her talk to the dentist so I called after she hung up and introduced myself as Pres Lee and told her that I am a part of an international dentist organization that started in the USA and using all of the vocab that I learned from all the other dentists I told her of the process that would have to happen.  I asked her to price it and she said that she couldn't because a dentist would have to look at it.  I think asked to talk to the dentist and said that he was a good friend of mine.  Within seven seconds I was on the phone with the dentist who they said was in an important conference.  hahaha.  The member who had called could not believe it.  So, I priced a root canal for that price and then went in to have it looked at.  They looked at it and told me that they would have to pull the tooth and put in a different false tooth that would cost a ton of money.  For sure they just want money and the Brazilians just believe everything.  So, I told him to just do a root canal and a filling and call it could.  So the next day they did a root canal without numbing up my mouth which was a treat but just another experience from the mission.  All worked out though and it is feeling and looking a lot better.  They told me that eventually I will lose this tooth, but when they said eventually they explained that it could be two years, ten years, or more.  Yeah, so I just did a root canal so that Dr. Bates and fix me up when I get back, if I even need it.  It was the cheapest place that I found, and I think that I know why now.  But, all is well.  So, about the glasses.  One pair broke, so I still have the other pair, but I kind of got use to not wearing them, so I just kind of stopped.  I never really liked glasses anyways.  This week was good, although our family that we wanted to baptize was out of town this week and I think that they will get back today.  We did bring five young women from the ages 16 to 19 to church.  Let me explain.  I ate ice-cream one day and did a contact with the girl that was selling the ice-cream.  I invited her to church and found out that she lives close to use so we said that we could pick her up if she wanted to show her the way.  She accepted and told us that she lives with 6 other girls that are her cousins.  She asked if they could go and so I said certainly.  So, when we got there Sunday morning, five of them were ready to go.  So we went and after the second hour two had to leave to go to work, but the other three stayed until the end and we taught them after church and marked a goal for them to receive an answer and be baptized this next Sunday, which they accepted.  So, we will see how it goes.  Transfers came in last night.  Elder Elizeu and I will stay here and work the two areas now, because president is taking out the other companionship because our mission is sending more home then are coming.  So, I am excited to stay and continue to work here with my comp.  My district had some changes and it looks like I am going to have my work cut out for me.  A couple of elders are coming in that have a rep for not really paying attention to the rules, and one of them is going home after this transfer which makes it hard to work in a new area when you know that you are about to go home, but I am excited to help my district work and baptize.  Anyways, that is about my week for you.  We had a good week and we are ready to start a better one.  So, Tony will not need another surgery then?  just a cast for three week and some therapy afterwards, right?  And how are you dad?  It sounds like the surgery was miserable.  Can you already feel it coming back faster than the first one?  Josh, happy b day again.   I sure love and miss you.  Have a great week everybody and enjoy the sunshine!!!

Hey Dad,
Good deal.  So it will be a full recovery then?  I am doing well.  Today I think we are going to play some basketball.  We play at a little half court hoop that is only 9 feet, more or less, and so I can dunk a little bit, although sadly I think that I have lost my hops.  It is fun though.  Yesterday Elder Maner's parents came to pick him up from the mission.  They live in Arizona.  It was awesome getting to meet them and talk to them for a little bit.  If was once again hard to speak English.  They said that I have a lot of accent, but I really cannot believe it.  I sound normal to myself.  They took a pic with me and they said that they would call you to let you know that they saw me.  They are really nice people and I sure loved their son.  He was a great missionary and a great example to me and a great friend.  It was really weird to see him go.  Yeah, it was like he was dying, but it was cool to see him die with his mom and dad.  I still do not think that you are old.  Everybody here just comments on how young you and mom are.  Also, you can tell mom that she has a bunch of fans in my area who all say that she is beautiful and amazing.  Well, I am off, but have a great week and good luck with the shoulder.  The pics looked pretty cool on the blog.  
Love you dad!

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