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Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 62 Letter

Monday, April 30, 2012
Hi again...
We had a bitter and sweet week.  The sweet part was that we baptized a nine year old boy whose 15 yr old brother we reactivated and we are trying to help his parents get married legally so that they can be baptized.  They both have testimonies of the church and the gospel, but just need to get married.  But, Gustavo is awesome, and he is really excited that he was able to get baptized yesterday.  He is great.  His brother is awesome too.  They are good boys.  

The bitter part was that a lot of our investigators did not make it to church and we had some marked baptisms fall through.  One was Jean, who is a really awesome guy.  He is 24 and was really addicted to drinking.  He was drinking a ton, but he is now five days without drinking.  He passed the baptism interview and was ready to be baptized yesterday but he was not at church and we could not find him yesterday.  That was hard for me.  I really love him and was really excited for him.  Giving up drinking is hard and a lot of times it is his own guilt I think that makes him feel unworthy to get baptized.  This week we are going to teach him a little more about the healing power of the atonement.  He is an awesome guy and is really trying to turn his life around.  But, we have our work caught out for us this week.  We are not the only companionship in this ward which is a really big area, so we will have to walk a little more and plan our day and week a little better, but I am excited.  Elder Elizeu is doing great.  We are super good friends.  He seems like a little brother to me.  It is kind of funny, he is only 18 and it shows a little, but he is really excited to work which is a great blessing to me.  I sure like him.  Once again, it will be hard to see a companion go, but that is how the mission is.  So, that is my week for ya.  Sorry that I could not expand it into a longer email.  I think that I am getting so use to the missionary life that really nothing surprises me anymore.  Crazy stuff happens every day, but I kind of am use to it.  For example, yesterday we went to pick up a kid for church who we had met earlier in the week and his mom met us at the front of the house and told us that he is in to drugs.  I explained that that is why we were there to pick him up and take him to church.  She went to get him and came back and told me that he would not leave the bed.  I asked if I could enter and she said yes.  I went into his room and woke him up, saying something like, hey dude, good morning. Let's go to church, everybody is waiting for you man.  He woke up and explained that he did not have any clothes because he just stayed the night at the house and really lives on the other side of Cuiaba.  We talked for a little and he thanked us for coming.  It was sincere.  Maybe he will be able to go next week.  Just little things like that that makes up a mission.  I think that my companion thinks that I am crazy...maybe he is right. hahaha.  Well, I love you all and wish you all a great week!
Love, Elder Lee

Hey Becca!!!!
Happy birthday girl!  I cannot believe that you are going to have 12 years!  Time goes by so fast.  It seems like yesterday that you were eight and you were getting baptized.  I really am stunned.  I am sure that you are growing up to be a great young woman.  Holy cow, you really are a young woman now!!!!  I am sure that mom is freaking out.  I would be, and I am.  I sure love you Becca, and I cannot wait to see how much you have grown.  I will be able to see on mother s day.  I think that I will use Skype again so that I can see all of you.  I still do not know where I will do it but I think that there are a few members who should have a web cam.  Rebecca, I sure am proud to have you as my little, but all growing up, sister.  You were always so sweet and extremely capable.  You are going to be a great mom one day, and I am figuring out that that day comes up faster than we think.  Life is so weird, but it is so good.  I sure love you, and I wish you a happy 12th birthday!!!!  Love your brother, Elder Lee

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