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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 74 Letter

Monday, July 23, 2012
Thanks for the experiences dad.  I still cannot believe that I am serving a mission.  I am really sad that it is going by so fast.  I am really trying to take advantage of th4 time that I have left.  I also am kind of slow on really liking to be a zone leader, but I do love the missionaries in the zone and I like seeing them do well.  I also get along with my comp.  He reminds me a lot of kung fu panda.  He is awesome, but he thinks a lot different than me.  I like to lay low, not call a lot of attention to myself, and I really do not need credit for anything.  He is kind of the other way around.  He likes to know everything in the mission, wants to be the assistants best friend, wants to be the next assistant, and wants a lot of attention from others and a lot of credit for his work.  He kind of has a habit of putting others down to build himself up.  Luckily, this drives him to work, which I will take advantage of.  He is easy enough to get along with.  I really do like him.  I will kind of just let him be the man here and really just focus on the work and investigators.  I think that I am really learning about myself on the mission.  Friday we did have a baptism of a girl whose brother has been recently activated.  She is awesome.  Her name is Handy Karoline and she is 12.  It even worked for her brother mike to baptize her which was awesome.  It was really cool.  This ward is good and this area is super big but we will have help.  We are opening it, so we are kind of lost, but the members are helping us.  This week I am going to teach Isebela's sister Iasmin, who has 10 years.  She is marked to get baptized this Thursday.  Her mom has really turned around on her view about the missionaries and the church.  I think that she kind of has a crush on me.  She calls me elder Cruz because she thinks that I look like Tom Cruz.  I told her that she had to see me dad.  She is awesome though.  She even said that she would like to be baptized, but sadly she is not married legally and her husband is a drinker and a lousy guy, but she does not want to put her kids through a divorce, also because he brings in a little money to the house, although she also working.  People here earn way, way, less than in the states.  The normal is 200 reais, or about 100 dollars a month if you work 35-40 hours a week.  It is rough.  Well, this week will be good.  I played soccer today because the new president is letting us.  It was a lot of fun.  I played well, although thee first game was a warm up.  It has been a long time.  I even made a lot of goals on a pro goalie from Chile who is new in the mission.  Also, it was fun playing with Elder Marque who played professionally.  He makes it look so easy.  He was really surprised at how I played which made me feel good.  Good thing that I had a good dad and good siblings to help me learn the sport.  It is really fun to play with Brazilians.  I think that I will have to play indoor when I get home.  I love it.  Anyways, that was my week and day.  I love the mission, and I hope that time slows down a little.   My comp is excited to go home, he already has one year and seven months and is ready to go.  It just makes me sad to think that I am about ready to get into the last 6 months.  I am in a hurry to work.  I love the work, and I have a testimony that this work is real.  That this gospel is true, and that everybody needs it.  I know that.  I love you all, and thanks for your love and support.

PS, I do not know if the package got here yet, but I have not called to the office yet.  If it is there, another missionary went today to look and she I will have it by wed.  If not, it should be on its way.  I love you mommy!!!  Eu estou vivendo a vida, I am living the life!

That is awesome tony.  You are the man.  I can imagine everything.  I also hear that you are helping the missionaries a lot.  I am sure that they love you.  I love the members that have helped me.  It really makes a difference, and it is a great feeling to know that your baptisms will be loved and cared for after you leave an area.  You are sure going to love the mission.  I hope that you are privileged to come to Brazil.  I know that you would like it.  The language and culture is awesome and the people are so easy to love.  Brazil is a country ready for the gospel.  It is being reaped.  I love being involved in this work.  We are a blessed people to be able to help him with his work and glory.  Working for and with the Lord is awesome.  He never lets you down, and you already know that you are going to win.  Satan must live a frustrated life.  He works a lot too, but he does not have what we have.  His power is so weak compared to the power that we use; the priesthood power of God.  Battles wage, but the war is sure.  Let's go get her.  Love you bro, you are the man!

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