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Elder Shane B Lee

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 71 Letter

Monday, July 2, 2012
Hey mom,
Sorry that I am writing late but I had to go to the center of Cuiaba today to the mission office to pick up some things and I also ended up buying some soccer shirts.  I am going to have a collection of Brazil teams when I get home.  This week was good, but our baptism fell through sadly because nobody was home when we went to pick them up yesterday morning for church.  I am going over there tonight to see what happened.  I did not go yesterday because we had to go to Cuiaba to watch a fireside were Pres and Sister Reber, the new mission Pres and his wife, spoke.  It was good.  Also, Elder Leal the area authority who was just called spoke too.  President seems like a great guy, form ST George Utah, and he is speaking well, although a little rusty.  He served in São Paulo on his mission.  Elder Leal gave a good talk and in the middle he introduced an investigator friend of a member girl who had come to the meeting.  She was seated right behind me.  I talked to them after the meeting.  The girl lived in Cuiaba, which in not my area, but I invited her to listen to the missionaries and be baptized anyways and she accepted.  I then introduced her to the missionaries in her area.  The missionary in here area is a great guy, but a little timid and shy.  I hope that he takes advantage of the situation.  She looks super elect and already basically accepted baptism when I talked with her.  It was cool.  So, there is my week for ya.  Last Monday I played basketball again on the 9 foot rim and this time I really felt my hops come back.  I was dunking like crazy in the game.  It was fun.  I am about to go and play again.  We had a lot of nonmembers playing with us last time and I hope that they come back again.  It was awesome and a great way to teach people.  Super easy environment and great opportunity.  Anyways, I love all of you and wish you a great week!
Elder Lee

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