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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 70 Letter

Monday, June 25, 2012
The summer is always busy, huh.  I am glad that you are fine.  I know what you mean about blah.  Yesterday was that kind of day for me.  But, it was a good day too, and we were privileged to baptize Ariane and Rayanne, 14 and 12 years old and sisters.  It was awesome.  

We also taught some fun lessons yesterday and helped some investigators.  We had a great week.  We taught 30 lessons this week, all quality.  My companion Elder Marqu is doing well and learning very quickly.  He is a stud.  My district is doing alright, but they are going to need some help this week.  I am going to have a district meeting this week about being brilliant at the basics.  Also, this week we did a service project at the house of the girls that got baptized.  Their mom really liked that we were so willing to help, and not say that we were there to help.  Sadly, we were there to see Ariane's favorite dog get hit by a car and die.  Ariane was not home so I put the dog in the wheel barrow and we took it to the jungle to throw it away before see got home.  After, her sister told her and we comforted here a little, and she got better.  It sucked though.  This Sunday was the ward conference.  It makes me miss my ward and stake.  It was not at all the same quality.  The leaders here are tired and not excited.  It is hard sometimes for a missionary.  I have found that in this ward I am now there is really no way to work with the leaders so I decided that I am going to leave them to do or not do whatever they want and I am just going to baptize, and maybe that will excite them, maybe it won't. We had 10 investigators at church today that I have been teaching.  It was a great success.  Sadly, many are not married legally yet, but we will work with them.  It is about a 2 month process to marry a couple, or longer.  What a pain.  Anyways, all is well, and this week we are excited to work like crazy and baptize again.  We have some people picked out for our focus.  It will be good.  I love the people here.  I love my investigators.  I love being a missionary. 
Things always seem hard in the moment, but it really is a moment.  That is what I have been learning.  That difficulties and trails really are momentary.  Sometimes they seem so long, even a life time, but our lives are really just moments in an eternity.  This life in not even real.  It is really just a test.  I liked what was said in the last general conference.  He asked, are we living a physical life with spiritual experiences, or are we living a spiritual life with human experiences.  That really hit me.  Everything about this life would be spiritually, with a few human experiences thrown in, for after all, this life is not real.  This life is all a test.  What is real?  The truths, laws, and light of the eternal gospel.  That is all that is really real, the rest is temporary and so part of a quick, put all the same important and necessary test.  You have always been a great example of that to me mom.  You always seem to have an eternal perspective, and that leads to good decisions, hope, love, faith, and endurance.  Thank you for you example to me.  
Thanks a ton dad.  I sure love all of you, although I must admit that I am not ready to come home.  I sure love being a missionary.  I am really going to miss it.  Pres. Oliveira is in his last week now, so I am really going to miss him.  I have learned a lot about him lately.  I have always tried to be the kind of missionary that never needs to talk to him or take up his time.  He has let me now that I did just that.  I just try to stay in my area and district and make things work so that he can worry about the other missionaries that need his help.  I sure will miss him though, although I am also excited to work with Pres. Reber, from St George Utah.  It will be a new experience.  I hope that I have the same relationship with him as with President Oliveira, that he does not need to worry about Elder Lee, and that Elder Lee will work and strengthen whatever area that he is called to.  I am glad that I had a good dad who taught me how to build the kingdom without needing attention.  Just quietly doing all that is required.  I read a quote the other day that says that a good leader is the leader that takes a little more blame than is necessary and a little less credit than is due.  You are that leader Dad.  Thanks and have a great week.  I love you!
Elder Lee

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