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Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 75 Letter

Monday, July 30, 2012
Hello family, how are all of you?  You sound great.  I am doing well.  Thursday we baptized Iasmin, the sister of Isabella who I baptized about 2 weeks ago.  It was awesome.  Her mom is doing a lot better too.  She even said that she would be baptized if not for this lack of marriage thing.  She did promise that she is going to go to church every Sunday.  She was there yesterday.  It was awesome.  All of our other investigators could not make it to church though.  Every kind of excuse.  Kind of frustrating, I guess because I know how much they each need the gospel, but agency plays part of the bigger plan.  Yesterday the state mayor or whatever it is in English came to church too with the mission president.  He brought a bunch of his office workers with him too.  I think that he was really wanting some political support.  I was able to sit with his workers.  It was kind of interesting to see the difference between somebody who goes to church to find an answer and in a search for spiritual knowledge and somebody who goes because his boss makes him and who is simply interested in the "function" of the church.  I tried to explain the fullness of the opportunity that these men had to be visiting the true church of Jesus Christ, but they did not have ears to hear.  Oh if only they knew.  I am so glad that I know.  I am not really sure when I found out.  I think that it came step by step, line upon line, and precept upon precept.  I was born of goodly parents.  I know where to look for a remission of my sins.  What a blessing.  What a message.  It is fun to help people discover this font of living water.  I love being a missionary.  It is awesome.  Well, that is about my week for you.  We are still learning the area, we are talking to a lot of people, and we are working well together.  Elder Barão is a good missionary, and we get along, although it is not as easy as if was with me and Elder Marque for example.  Elder Marque could be my older brother that I never had.  He thinks a lot like a Lee, he plays sports like a Lee, and he loves the gospel like a Lee.  I am going to see him today. It is nice that we are in the same zone still.  I even did a division with him one day during this last week.  It was fun to work together again.  Well, I love all of you and wish you a great week.  Enjoy the summer!!!
Love Elder Lee

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