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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 84 Letter

Monday, Oct 1, 2012
Alright, so this time I know what I am going to say.  We are going to start with the results of his week.  In my area we baptized Ariane, a 13 year old girl who is a member’s neighbor and a best friend of an investigator,

 and I was also able to be involved in the baptism of Wellington from my last area.  It was awesome.  

So, a little of the story of each of them.  Jaiany is a girl who we have been teaching with her mom for a long time.  They both want to get baptized but the mom is not married and the dad is really stubborn, but they still come to church.  Last Sunday, Jaiany brought her friend Ariane with her, who happens to be a neighbor of a member.  We taught her and her parents this week and marked her date for this Sunday, or yesterday I guess it would be.  There were really no problems and the parents, who are married legally, but a little unready to make a commitment, came to the baptism and loved it.  It was awesome.  After, I talked with the dad and he expressed to me how happy he was with his daughter and her decision.  I saw the tears in his eyes when she was baptized.  I am excited to work with them this week.  The only hard part is that the dad travels a lot because of work.  Anyways, awesome.  Then there is Wellington, who I have known for 5 months now.  Maybe I told you about him.  I reactivated his wife, Natalia whose baby boy I blessed the week that he was born with a blessing of health.  I helped him stop drinking and partying, but they still had to get married.  For two transfers I helped them get mentally ready for marriage, and the week after I left their documents came back, a 30 plus 'day process, and they were married.  Elder Marque started really teaching him about 3 weeks ago, but as much as Wellington knew that it was true, he just could not make the decision.  Friday I went on splits with Elder A. Silva, Elder Marque's comp, and we went to visit him.  It was a nice surprise.  We taught him and talked to him, and helped him make the decision to be baptized.   He was baptized yesterday  nighhtt o that i  could see iit. IT WAS  AWESOME! 

MY keyboard is being really weird so sorry that this is getting hard to read. 
hyy sorry that last message id not gtfinished, ths kyboarrd is bad, so I jst wanted tyo say that love you all.
Elder Lee

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