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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Week 94 Letter

Monday, December 10, 2012
Tecnologia (sorry, that was Portuguese, I wanted to say technology) can be a headache, cant it.  So, to answer the questions, I do not know if they bought my plane tickets yet, but I think that I will be flying home on the 12th or 13th of Feb.  I will let you know more when I know more.  The second question, my investigators are doing well.  Lucas, Gizele's little 10 yr old brother was going to get baptized yesterday after the stake conference but the chapel ran out of water so we had to remark it for this Saturday, but all is well.  Aryane's parents have committed to be baptized before the end of the year.  That will be really awesome.  Will is going to stay with my until the end of the year waiting for his call.  I think that it should be coming soon.  My birthday was great.  These people are so good to me.  I do not know if the package came yet.  I just tried calling to the secretaries, but they did not answer the phone, so I still do not know.  I cannot believe the Jason already got his call, and to South Korea?!!  That is awesome!  That will be a "fun" language to learn, he will be great!  I did get the photo that dad sent me of Elder Sands and Sister Ward.  It is a small world, and being in the church makes it smaller.  I will send some pics to you.  I really do not know what else to write... This week we will have the Christmas mission conference and the day after will be a training conference for the leaders which will also be an all-day event.  I think that meetings wear me out a lot more than working on the street, but they are always good and really do make a difference.  The week after I think that I will travel to Carceres, a city outside of Cuiaba and Varsea Grande to do some divisions there.  I have already done divisions there as a district leader three or four times.  It is about 4 hours of a bus ride.  Usually we travel at night to take full advantage of the day.  The next transfer is at the end of the year, the 30t and 31st.  I really do not doubt that I will be transferred, which is sad, but it is part of the mission.  President said that he is going to release all of the missionaries going home from their leadership positions before the end of their missions to let them help and train other missionaries take their spots.  I am the only one in my group that has continued as a leader, but I think that I will be released this next transfer.  We will see.  President told me that he might have me train again on the next one, but he thinks that only 2 or 3 new missionaries will come.  It is all in the air, but I will do anything that the Lord asks and President Reber knows that.  Well, there is my week in an email.  I love you all, and wish you all a happy Christmas season!!!  
Love Elder Lee

Playing Soccer

Elder Grantham, Rodriguez, and I (Elder Herrera was traveling)

  Baptism of Gizele

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