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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Week 95 Letter

Monday, December 17, 2012
Mom, Happy Birthday!!!
I sure love you mom, and hope that you had a great birthday.  I hope that you accept this email as a worth present, lol.  I will send some pics for you because I know that you like them.  Sorry that I have been bad about taking and sending pics.  I will tell Tony to be better ( :  I did want to wish you a happy birthday though.  I have been thinking a lot lately about how blessed I am to have you as my mom.  I was even talking to President Reber Saturday morning about how involved my parents were in my life and how grateful I am for that.  Speaking of talking with Pres Reber Saturday, it is because he came with me to my house to announce to Will that his calling came and that he will serve in the São Paulo East mission and that he is will leave on Jan. 3.  It was awesome getting to hear the news with him.  Will promised me in Sinop that he would open his call with me present, even if he had to travel, and I must admit that I did not believe it, but the Lord works in many ways to answer his prayers of his worthy children.  It was awesome.  Anyways, I was reading a talk from a general authority, I think that it was Dallin H Oaks who was talking about the great plan of happiness, and he said that in our premortal life we progressed as far as we could without having received a physical body and a mortal experience and that the decision that we made there affect who we are here.  Mom, I know that you made great decisions there and that I must have done something really good to deserve you as my mom, or on the other hand, something really wrong and God thought that I would need all the help that I could get if I were to have a chance.  At any rate, thank you for being such a wonderful mom.  I have also been studying a lot about the nature of the calling of motherhood.  It is the most elevated and sacred calling that I daughter of God can receive.  It requires more work and patience than any other position.  It carries eternal consequences of most impotence.  |It is so important that it was reserved exclusively for women.  Mom, you magnify this calling better than any other.  You are a perfect example of every attribute that motherhood requires.  Patience, temperance, meekness, love unfeigned, courage, strength, internal beauty (external as well ;) eternal perspective, gentleness, longsuffering, selflessness, humility, careful hands, a firm mind, virtue, benevolence, knowledge, integrity, hope, faith, and among and above all charity.  I know that this is a short list, and I know that you have many more attributes and characteristics.  Thank you so much for being the mom that God wanted of you.  I hope that I have been the son that you wanted of me and I promise that I will continue to get better.  I sure love you mom, and I think that world of you, and I know that it is not just me that thinks that.  Every ward and branch that I have passed in in Brazil, you have come up in a sacrament talk.  That is really true.  You give hope, strength, and courage to people around the world.  You are a perfect example of being a light to the world.  You have a great light, and you let it shine forth. Thank you for always being engaged in a good cause.  Thank you for being engaged in raising and teaching me.  How blessed that I am.  I love you mom, and wish you a great birthday!!!  You of all people deserve it!!!!  Love you grateful and always indebted son,
Elder Shane Lee

Will is going to stay until almost the end of the year.  He has been waiting for a long time to go, so he is all ready.  Really, they called Pres Reber and told him that Will would only leave in March, but Pres Reber moved it closer because he knows that Will was just waiting to leave.  President Reber is awesome.  I still do not know what I am going to do for Skype, but I think that I will spend Christmas night at Joaquim's house, Aryane's family.  He and his wife are marked to get baptized on the 23rd.  I am super excited!!!  Anyways, they have a computer and internet, but I do not know if they have a web cam.  I will investigate and see.  If so, I think that I will Skype from there.  If not, I will have to use a lan house.  The problem is that on Monday I do not think that I will be able to email you, so if I do not email you, call me Monday at this number, 065 9236 5199, (my cell) and we can plan it out on the phone.

Thanks for the chirstmas package and mama-mia PJ's!  I loved it!!!!!

Baptism of Lucas, getting Will's calling, the young man who baptized Lucas is from Cuiaba and was doing a 24 hour division with us. he has a year in the church, is 16, and we thought it would be cool if he got some baptizing practice.  It was awesome!!!

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