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Elder Shane B Lee

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Week 96 Letter

Monday, Dec 24, 2012
Hey mom, so some updates for you.  Some of the plans have changed because of a mini transfer that had to happen before Christmas.  The transfer goes until the end of the year, but in order to send some missionaries home before Christmas, we had a mini transfer which affected a lot of the zone and district leaders because it was district leaders that were leaving, so I am now in Rodonopolis, MT.  So, I have already planned to use a computer of a member to do Skype with you and it will be in the afternoon here, although I am not sure what time yet.  I think that it will be from 3 to 4 o’clock in my time, do you think that that would be okay, because at night we have an appointment with a family and they do not have internet, so the night time will not work.  Anyways, if there is any problem, let me know.  I will try to pass by the lan house today in the afternoon to be sure that everything is okay.  If you want to call me today to mark a time, my new number is 066 9217 8035. Thanks mom, and until you call, love Elder Lee

Merry Christmas to all, what a pleasure it was to talk with you!  You all look so good, and I cannot wait to see you in person, but in the meantime, I am going to take full advantage of the mission.  I sure love it.  I just got done talking with you, so there is not a lot to say, but I promised to write a little, so here it is.  This week was good; I went around meeting some investigators and members, and really finding a new teaching pool because the work has been a little slow here lately.  There have already passed 2 months here that there has not been a baptism, so we are working to change the momentum.  I am excited to be here and work in this area.  I have officially been in every city now that has a church in Matto Gross and our part of Rondonia, which few missionaries can say, if any.  I have been extremely blessed.  I am happy that you had the chance to get to know  little bit about President Reber.  He is such a good and inspired man, and I think that we will keep in contact for a long time after the mission.  I sure love him and respect him.  I wish that there was some way for you to see all of the people that I was blessed to teach and baptize.  You would love every one of them, and I know that they would sure love you.  These people are so special.  Well, I love you all, and cannot wait to hear from you via email next week.  Great holidays!  
With love- Elder Lee

This was a note from Shane's mission President - 
Sister lee. 
Yes I am familiar with the process. I will be in the mission home in several hours and take of it then. What wonderful son you have. He is a great leader in the mission and has helped me so much. Great job as parents!  
Happy holidays to you all and thanks again for sharing a fine young man with us. 
Pres. Reber

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